It’s Friday evening. The working week is nearly over and you’re counting down the minutes to 5pm. Tired from the stresses of a busy week – deadlines and traffic, meetings and downpours – you look forward to catching up with your mates over a deliciously cold beer.

Fatman Bar and Grill, located in the middle of everything on a bustling corner in the Yawmingyi area, is the place for the occasion. Greeted with smiles bright as sunshine, the staff welcome you as if you’re an old friend. Grab a table at the outdoor seating area and watch as the evening turns to night and the neighbourhood takes on a different personality.

Chilled glasses are filled with Heineken Extra Cold expertly poured by the barman and handed over to you with a wink and a grin. Your friends join and with a clink of glasses and a ‘cheers’ you celebrate the weekend.

Tantalising smells are drifting from the kitchen and you decide it’s time for dinner. The menu is loaded with snacks to go perfectly with your beer mozzarella strips, buffalo wings, cheese platter – but you decide to go for something really hearty this time. The selection of salads, burgers, pasta and fish dishes never disappoint but this time you want to order something to pair well with your beer experience. On server Ma Tu Tu’s wise recommendation, your group goes for a selection of dishes from the beef, pork and chicken section.

Waitress Ma Su Myat Mon expertly delivers the three dishes of generous proportions and superb presentation, checking if we need anything else with her supreme attentiveness and warmth we appreciate every time.

Having ordered three Heineken Extra Colds, she lets us know that we are automatically entitled to entry in the Freeze The Moment lucky draw where we could win a free trip to South Korea for the Holland Heineken House @ 2018 winter Olympics. I’ll sign up for that one, thanks!

You first tuck into pork honey ribs. The meat is well seasoned and served with a zesty sauce. The Fatman signature chicken dish is cooked to perfection, the meat still juicy and flavourful and teamed well with a sweet barbeque sauce. The best dish is the beef and bacon bites – what’s not to love about juicy beef steak rolls wrapped in strips of salty bacon? All dishes come with potato croquette and coleslaw.

Barman Ko Chit San reads your mind and knows you want to order one more Heineken to wash down the meal and round up your evening of friends, fun and drinks and food served by Yangon’s sweetest bar staff. Refreshed and satisfied, you know you’ve started your weekend the right way.

Address: Nawaday/ Yawmingyi Street

Phone: 09 42030 5666

Opening Hours: 10:00AM – 11:00PM


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