Only knowledge from textbook is, without a doubt, not enough to compete in today’s world. There are particular skills sets that will differentiate you from the rest. Many of which are, for example, critical thinking, analysis, discussion, presentation, etc.

Pre Collegiate Program (PCP) just as the name suggests, is a platform providing holistic education for Myanmar students just before entering college- and giving them an opportunity to study in international universities.

Just as Kristen Hartman, the Director of PCP says, “They’re excellent at route learning, but there’s a deficit in critical thinking.” PCP therefore aims at fostering values and skills that are required in today’s world, such as analytical thinking.

PCP aims at instilling individuality while emphasizing on serving one’s community and Myanmar at large. The ideology of this education system is to give back and contribute to the world. It boasts a 98% success rate for admissions in universities world-over.

Eligibility for this 16-month course is based on a level of proficiency in English, an admission test and an interview. PCP extends this opportunity to states all over Myanmar, not restricting it to students only from international schools.

Pupils sit around a table in the classroom, which induces interaction and encourages speaking. The teaching methods focus on cooperative learning rather than competition by creating a friendly environment and allowing the students to blossom.

“In classes the teacher is probably speaking only 10%.”says Kristen, which prompts more student discussion.

Subjects including World Philosophy and Comparative Literature are taught to form a link between the East and the West. Part of the mission is to prepare students for locations such as the United States and Europe.Therefore, by engaging in subjects that make them familiar with the West, the impact of a culture shock is reduced. PCP tries to make the transition from Myanmar to the University, a smooth one.

While local education does not provide for extra curricular activities or experiential learning, PCP does. The curriculum involves field trips, report writing, internships and more; they understand the importance of practical exposure.

When posed with an array of University options in France, Japan, Arizona, etc., the students may encounter a lot of confusion. PCP helps with identifying their interests and guides with narrowing down this search. Ms. Khaing Ei Mon, the Dean of Administration is particularly involved in supporting each student fill out technical forms for the admission process.

Each student is also coached for SAT exams and writing their Statement of Purpose for their chosen universities.

From a class of 20 students, PCP fully funds about 4-5 scholars, with a partial funding for about 7-8 students. Although fund-raising may be tough, they do not let that interfere with a deserving student’s future. This year City Love & Hope Foundation by City Mart Holding Co., Ltd. has funded the program for 3 students.

Paing Oo, -20 years old- could not be more grateful for this rare opportunity in Myanmar. He says that he has already gained so much knowledge, and PCP has enhanced his way of thinking. Piu, as they call him, says with assertive enthusiasm that he will definitely come back to Myanmar after university. He says PCP is a giver and he wants to share this opportunity with every student in Myanmar.

While a very driven 18 year old Zir Tir Thang quotes Jack Ma as she draws inspiration from him, “he says, ‘do not try to be the best, be the first.’ I want to be the first woman from my town to go out and find a new path for the future.” Her interactions with the trailblazer alumnus of PCP reinforces the ability in her to make a change in the world, and if not the world, then definitely in her hometown.

PCP sure does provide a joyful and flourishing environment for its students. If you haven’t already applied, the Pre Collegiate Program is now accepting applications till December 2017! Please feel free to download the application at


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