There was a buzz going around town on the social media posts of this new restaurant during their pre-opening period, featuring the tips for young, confident and fearless generation, especially women.

To be honest, we were not sure what to expect but yesterday,“Babett Eatery and Bar” at Hotel G Yangon officially opened its doors to welcome voguish Yangonites.

The experience was beyond expectation with a meticulously crafted fusion of indoors, outdoor, vintage and modern. Babett’s contemporary interior is the epitome of laid-back sophistication to which the carefully curated collection of original works by local artists adds the final ingredient of style.

We get to sit down with the team behind this unique creation–R&B Lab General Manager and Chef de Cuisine Chef Sylvain Royer and Executive Chef Javier Ballesta.

1Q: What’s the concept behind Babett Eatery and Bar?

A: Babett is the sister restaurant of Ginett Singapore and Scarlett Restaurant in Bangkok and Hong Kong. It is a place where you can have a decent food with affordable prices. You can just stop by for a glass of wine or beer and some bites.

2Q: If you could choose one thing to describe Babett, what would it be?

A: Babett, the name itself is feminine, representing feminine atmosphere. Babett is a friendly young lady.

3Q: What type of cuisine do you serve at Babett?

A: The food menu is Spanish Mediterranean style and what we want is to bring the food sharing moment. It is all-day dining from breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu varies from tapas, cold cut, salad, pasta, seafood, pizza,and grilled meats.


4Q: What do you recommend to order at Babett?

A:  Our special menu is the wood fired grill of all types of meat. We also have the 7-week dry aged beef  that we brought in the dry-aged machine specifically for it. Truffle Pizza which is a white pizza with mushroom, truffle, and cheese is another must-try.


5Q: What about the drinks menu ?

A: We import the wine by ourselves, carefully selected by me [Chef Sylvain Royer]. Therefore, our selection will be different than other places and the prices will be slightly lower. The import wines will be available around September 18th onward.

We know that the market is not developed yet with the wine drinking culture, but with our affordable prices, I hope that everyone would be able to try. We want to shift people from beer drinking culture to the wine. It will not be easy but I am confident that in the next six months, we will be surprised in the [increase] in the wine consumption.

Though our focus is on wine, we are not an expensive wine bar. Moreover, we will be bringing craft beer in the future.


6Q: With the growing number of new restaurants in Yangon, how do you differentiate Babett from others?

A:  We’re in the middle of downtown Yangon [Alan Pya Pagoda Road]. The concept is a mixture of high tables and low seating and modern and relaxing outdoor area. The most important is our staff. They are young and energetic. They are the biggest factor during our setup. During the training, they are taught about the food since it’s not familiar to them, how to serve and pour a drink casually but professionally at the same time and the service mind.


7Q: Since you have been living here for quite some time, how do see the incoming of Babett fulfill Yangon dining and nightlife?

A: Babett will become a a meeting point for Yangonites for both business and friends.

Open daily from 7am till late at No. 5 Alan Pya Pagoda St, Babett will serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Bookings can be made either through calling: +95 (0)1 243 639 or emailing: [email protected]

Babett’s Weekly Promotions:
• Daily: Babett’s Happy Hour presents beer at 1,300MMK
• Tuesdays: 1 meter of selected pizzas priced at just 27,000MMK
• Wednesdays: ladies’ night with free flow cocktails from 7-9pm
• Thursdays: combo tapas with wine at 6,000MMK
• Saturdays: regular live music

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