Are you an art fan? Keen on learning new skills? Wine or cheese enthusiast? – Then Paint & Sip is the place to be!

Once you arrive to Paint & Sip, you will be welcomed by the perfect artsy environment: paintings on the walls, long tables covered in newspapers and everything you will need to start releasing your creative genius – such as acrylic paint in many different colors, paint palettes, marbles, brushes and, of course, one canvas just for you. If you are a beginner such as me, don’t worry – most of the class usually is, and the organizers will be there to help you.

Once you have chosen your spot, you are granted two options: you can either follow Tutta’s steps, the art teacher, and end up with a beautiful depiction of hot air balloons against a sunset – or, if you are feeling bold and creative, you can draw inspiration from one of the images printed out and distributed by the organizers and give birth to your own masterpiece.

Tutta, a local art student who will soon be bound to the United States to complete his Bachelor studies in Arts, will help you combine your colour pallet and correct any bigger mistakes.

The idea, however, is not to be perfect – but that everyone will walk out of the event holding a piece of art that they can be truly proud of! Everyone is very free to sit back, relax and make the most out of their own experience – outsourcing for tips whenever they need to.

Even though Paint & Sip is an event with quite a straightforward concept – practicing your painting skills whilst enjoying a glass of wine and cheese – it was originated with a bold and complex purpose: helping improve education in Myanmar.

Iris Alonso, the mind behind these monthly encounters, idealized this event as a way of affording to bring teachers to the small village of Paw Htaw, in Mon State, formerly lacking of any basic education institutions for its 60 children.

In order to bear with the costs of such project, Paint & Sip carries a fee of 27,000ks, that not only covers the cost for not only the painting materials, art coaching in a group, one glass of wine and a plate of cheese, but also goes to help finding solutions for a better Myanmar.

In addition to acknowledging the social impact that Paint & Sip can have over Paw Htaw, by creating this event, Iris also had the perspective of fostering a stronger art culture in Yangon. Even though her goal is to form connections to build an art community in the city, beginners are more than welcome to join.

The collaborative environment is a safe space for chatting, giving feedback and learning – overall, a great experience and a great time. It is the perfect Sunday afternoon to help make an impact and go home with an expression of your own.

The event happens once a month at Phayre’s Gastronomy, and will host its third edition on September 30th. Make sure you pin it on your calendar!


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