San Zar Ni Bo, a former political prisoner-turned-fortuneteller, is a highly respected name in Myanmar. He’s known for his palm reading technique, birthdate and naming. His well-known prediction, before the November 2015 elections, was that against all odds, Aung San Suu Kyi would assume a leading position in the government. Read on to find out what he says is in store for the month of August.


There will be temporary travels. Contacts will be made with long-lost friends. What is unfeasible to others will be successful with you. During this month, desires to expose skills and efficiency to a certain extent are ardent, due to interests in matters uncontrollable by others and unfinished matters. Non-personal extra work and extra matters will have to be done. Good name will be earned. Income will be greater than before. However, great income will find its way out. Other races and nationalities will be beneficent. Improvement will be made with good change. A long associated business friend will be separated from you.

Lucky Colors: Red, Pink, Maroon

Lucky Numbers: 1,3,5,7


After having well-settled in a new environment, improvement will be made. Educational matters are good. New intentions will be systematically made and be improved. Parents and family can expand new businesses. Retarded rights will be had. Letter, person, parcel, and good news will arrive from far-off places. Other races and nationalities will be beneficent. Family business will prosper. Staff will have to deal with newcomers. Private business people will be doing different business. Success will be seen.

Lucky Colors: White,Green,Grey

Lucky Numbers: 2,4,7,9


Although pride and always telling the truth have given you bad effects, they will be beneficial to you. Intentions in life will be achieved. Arising opportunities should not be missed and if used thoroughly, will improve your life. Overdue loans can be asked for. Money and properties lost will be regained. Staff intending to transfer to a better position should do without fear. Those intending to travel will be able to do so. Expenses will be heavy. Expenses will be to your advantages.

Lucky Colors: Red,Crimson, Velvet

Lucky Numbers: 3,7,9,2


Believing in fair-weather friends end keeping genuine friends at arm’s length will cause you trouble. Beware of giving priority to first speaker and of not considering pros and cons. An important improvement in life can be made. Responsibilities for others will have to be taken. Accommodation and family problems of family members will have to be intervened. Money and properties dispersed or lost will be regained. Ill health will occur due to careless living.

Lucky Colors: Cream, Grey,Ivory

Lucky Numbers: 1,3,5,7

Rahul (Wednesday night before dawn on Thursday)

Things will run smooth only after meeting obstacles, due to rashness. Emotional upsets in love matters for young people. Improvements will be had, taking opposite views to others. Change of places for staff will occur. You will have to go to an unwanted place. There, you will have emotional upsets. Then, things will run smooth. Everything will be better than the previous place. Everything will go very well. Seething emotions within the family will end. Other races and nationalities will be beneficent. Dealings with abroad will be successful. Joint ventures will be advantageous.

Lucky Colors: Gold, Black, Red

Lucky Numbers: 8,2,4,6


Plans will go by fits and starts before running smooth. You will prosper. Unexpressed wishes will be fulfilled by others as if known. Those running private enterprises will have to be careful in signing documents and taking responsibility of money matters. This will lead to low of your money. There will be frequent emotion upsets due to your truthfulness in speech. There will be exceptional improvement due to educational qualifications. These opportunities difficult to choose will arise.

Lucky Colors: Green, Rose Color, Indigo

Lucky Numbers: 1,3,7,9


Efficiency can be exposed. Desires regarding work and business will be completely fulfilled. Previous problems due to others can be resolved. Improvements will be made due to thoroughness in work. Changes and reorganizations of accommodation and business will occur. Attacks will be encountered in every direction taken. Success will happen due to perseverance. Two opportunities difficult to choose will arise. Decisions must be made personally.

Lucky Colors: Brown, Violet, Pink

Lucky Numbers: 2,6,3,9


Housing and family problems of family members will have to be involved. Dispersed or losses will be regained. Talks in matter concerning constructions will have to be made. Speech will go far. More time will have to be given to extra work, extra duties and others’ affairs. Motivational and decisive nature will be clearly evident. A difficulty will be overcome. Beware of ill health. Slight illness will occur due to careless living. There are excellent courses towards good fortune. There are danger in business and money matters. Unexpected accidents may occur.

Lucky Colors: Dark Blue, Dark Grey, Black

Lucky Numbers: 2,8,9,6


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