If you were hoping for a one-stop shop for working, chilling, and maybe even day drinking, Black Canyon on Sayar San is your unexpected answer. It was shocking enough that they serve full meals, but now they have draft beer, too. Cheers!

Operation Manager, Ko Than Htike, explains that their Sayar San Branch is the only one that serves draft beer. This was their thoughtful response to customer needs. Sayar San Road has many KTVs in which people sing their heart out and will eventually need a relaxing place to wind down for the night. Their wide seats, open spaces, and a breath-taking balcony are ideal for a late-night stretch.

Continuing to respond to customer needs—wants, rather— they also offer food, lots of it. They had three separate menus: their regular one, a special Pasta and Chocolate feature, and a Thai menu. Their regular menu was thick too, and their pasta menu is only available in August and September 2017.

With so much food to choose from, we figured it’s only fair to try a huge sample size for accurate analysis, so we had: their award-winning Pad Thai (5,500 ks), Fusilli Carbonara (6,500 ks), Grilled Fish with Soy Sauce (5,000 ks), Pandan Chicken (5,000 ks), Prawn Cakes (5,500 ks), and Glass Noodles with Seafood (4,000 ks). And of course, I can’t come to a coffee shop without trying coffee, so I ordered another award winner, the Iced Latte (3,500 ks).

Black Canyon originated from Thailand, so it made sense to test their Thai dishes. Their Pad Thai fulfilled two things, a right amount of sweetness and a fine mixture of textures owing to the crushed nuts and crispy bean sprouts. The Grilled Fish felt as if it was steamed actually, but it was delicious nonetheless. The Pandan Chicken looked and smelled as good as it tasted. The Prawn Cakes would have been a good and healthy snack to accompany the draft beer.

I had to get something from their Pasta Fiesta, as it was for a limited time only. Their Carbonara was average, although they did try to make it interesting by putting both crispy and soft pork, plus serving the egg yolk intact. Their latte too was very ordinary, but I reckon it’s not easy to make a mixture of coffee and milk extraordinary. As a coffee shop, they offer many other crazier mixes that look worthy of a visit, or ten.

Black Canyon has four branches; Sayar San Road, Ahlone Road, Myanmar Plaza, and Junction City. They currently have a Monsoon Promo that allows you 15% off your bill this September, but only at the Sayar San branch, which is the one you need to check out soon anyway!

Address: No. 52(A), Sayar San Road, Bahan Township,Yangon

Opening hour: 9 AM – 12:30 AM

Phone: 09 252 221 113

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