If you are a coffee lover, the dimly-lit Café hidden away in Padonmar road of Sanchaung is the right place for you.

Tokyo Coffee Café & Bar is like a needle in the haystack; it provides a variety for coffee lovers with an atmosphere that takes away your stress, and of course the delicious Japanese food is a bonus. Predominantly frequented by Japanese expats, this café serves the Japanese people’s favorite coffee with décor that makes one feel like home.

A collection of coffee cups displayed as a decoration at the cafe

With 25 years of living in Japan and 8 years of being a part of the food industry in Tokyo, the co-owner of this café aims to provide a place for the Burmese people to enjoy the authentic food culture of Japan as it is hard for all Burmese people to go to Japan to try Japanese cuisine, especially the blue-collar worker.

The most amazing trait about this café is that it provides a coffee menu with 50 options to choose from, which includes Tokyo Original Bled Coffee, American, French, Arabian, Mexican, Cuban, and Irish Coffee to name a few. It also serves Japanese alcohols such as Sake, and Umeshu, and if you go upstairs, you can sit down at a bar with a variety of drinks.

We ordered Café Au Lait (4,000MMK) from the Variation Coffee section to start off. We were told that we can adjust the coffee to how it best resonate with our palate. The first floor has coffee making apparatus set up on the island, and as you wait, you can enjoy the view of the barista making your coffee. The coffee came just as we instructed; it was not extremely creamy and was brewed perfectly, just the way we like it.

Apart from its signature coffee, the café also provides traditional Japanese food to fill your stomach. We were recommended the Ebi Gyoza (3,500MMK), Tempura Udon (6,000MMK), Chicken Nanban Set (5,000 lunch / 7,000MMK dinner), Salmon Sashimi (8,000MMK) and Chige Nabe (2,500MMK).

Unlike cuisines from other cultures, the dishes at this restaurant pay close attention to its texture and set-up; the dishes are minimalistic and less grandeur, and it gives one a homely feeling just by looking at the dishes. I loved the softness of the rice and the chewy texture of the dumplings (Gyoza) and Karrage (Deep-fried Chicken).

The Tempura Udon noodles were thick, but didn’t take much to chew because of its soft quality. The sashimi dish was also very fresh and mixes well with soy sauce and wasabi. The Chige Naba came with flavorful spice and sourness topped with cabbage, tofu and chicken, which compared very refreshing to other dishes. As dessert, we tried the Cheese Cake (2,500MMK) and the Mocha Coffee Cake (2,500MMK), both of which were moist and rich in flavor.

My favorite out of all the dishes would be…

Honestly, I really can’t choose! It’s a must go for coffee and Japanese food lovers. They were all very tasty and mouth-wateringly delicious. Just go ahead and enjoy your favorite cup of coffee and Japanese dishes in the homely Tokyo Café!

Address: No. Pa/25, Padonmar Lane, Shinsawpu Ward, Sanchaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Phone: 09 799591562, 09 799122846

Opening Hours: 8AM – 11PM


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