Yangon’s finest luxury hotel with rich historical tie The Strand Hotel has recently introduced their new Myanmar A La Carte menu to showcase Myanmar authentic home cook food to their international guests from around the world.

The authenticity is guaranteed by their two local chefs, Chef Win Mar and Chef Htwe Htwe who have worked with the Strand for about 25 years  and under the supervision of Executive Chef Christain Martena, who has traveled around the country to search for the best ingredients from local suppliers and farming communities.

The new Myanmar menu is divided into 5 categories; salad, snacks, soups, noodles, and curries.

We started with Kyaut Pwint Thoke or seaweed salad. It is a typical salad from the west of Myanmar. Different types of seaweed marinated in chili sauce, lime and mix with fresh local tomatoes and peanuts. It’s one healthy menu with a blend of different tastes, perfect as an appetizer to kick start your taste buds.

Next on the line is Pae Pyar A-sar Toot which is a Myanmar tofu also known as bean curd, stuffed with river prawns, cabbage, coriander, shallot and spring onion. It is a recommended choice for a light snack as it comes in low calories , rich in protein, making our stomach easy to digest.

We also get to try Kahyan Thee Thoke or eggplant salad– intense roasted eggplant with aromatic crispy garlic, fresh coriander, peanuts, and sesame seeds. Though we,personally, are not a big fan of eggplant, this eggplant salad has opened our heart to try more eggplant.

The Burmese lunch menu will not be complete without this dish–Laphet Thoke or tea leaf salad. It is made of soft and pickled tea leaves, crisp, roasted peanuts  and other beans, toasted sesame seeds,fried garlic, and dried shrimp. Unlike the one on the streets, Laphet Thoke here seems a lot less oily and full of ingredients with mix of flavors that are not too strong to consume.

For the main course, you have the options of pork, chicken, and mutton which is commonly eaten here, tiger prawns,and pork ribs in which you can pair with 4 different kinds of rice; Kauk Hnyin Paug (black sticky rice) , Steamed Coconut Rice, Butter Rice, or Byariani rice.

The curries are cooked with slow-friend onion, garlic and ginger in cold pressed peanut oil and untoasted sesame oil to reduce oil quantity. The flavors are not as strong as in other regions of the country which could be ideal for first timer who may not be familiar with Burmese food and taste. The fragrance and taste are subtler incorporating ingredients such as deep-hued tumeric, and mild chili powder, akin to hot paprika.

Apart of all these mentioned dishes, you can also experience the popular dishes such as Mohinga (fish soup with rice noodle), Ohn No Khao Swel ( wheat noodle in curried chicken and coconut milk broth), or Kyay Oh ( noodle soup with pork and egg).

We finished off with Burmese carrot cake served with sorbet ice cream which is quite refreshing for afternoon mood.

Myanmar menu at The Strand Hotel is an excellent introduction to Myanmar cuisine to everyone who would love to experience the local homemade hygienic dishes which have been carefully prepared with locally-sourced ingredients in a pleasant setting.

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