Traveling to Mandalay could be a hassle during rainy season. Fear not, you can now get a taste of Mandalay food with modern and pleasant atmosphere in Yangon.

Hidden amongst the local teashops in Yankin, Mandalay Tea Room offers fresh Burmese comfort food at low prices.

This tiny café is a culinary trip to Mandalay, the menu offers authentic Mandalay cuisine: noodle salads, Mandalay Mohinga, rice dishes, and wontons, the most traditional of the ingredients come straight from Mandalay.

From the noodle salads, we tried the Mandalay Mon T (3,000MMK) and the Mee Shay (3,000MMK), both made Mandalay rice noodles, and came with flavoursome but light soups which complemented the noodles well. The Mandalay Mon T was my favourite of the two. I loved the creamy texture and the nutty taste. The noodles are slightly thicker and were cooked perfectly.

The Mee Shay may be for more adventurous eaters, as it came with pork tail, ear, meat and intestine, however don’t be put off. It was tasty, slightly spicy and tangy, and the different textures of the dish were delightful.

We devoured the Hot & Sour Fish Wontons (2,500MMK), they were served with chilli oil, and the wonton wrapper was thin and light. I particularly enjoyed the crispy topping which provided some crunch with every bite. Of course, we had to try the Mohinga (2,000MMK), and although the broth was thick, the flavour was mild and not overly fishy.

To get our caffeine kick for the day, we were recommended the Tea and Coffee, although too sweet for my taste. This blend of black tea, coffee and milk is great to make you get over your afternoon slump.

Mandalay Tea room is perfect to get your fix of Mandalay cuisine at a fantastic price, the café’s brightly lit and cosy atmosphere makes it a perfect place to do some work while enjoying delicious food. I will be back to try their Coconut Noodles.

Address: No 224/4 ၊ Yan Nyein (2) Street ၊ (7) Quarter,Yankin Township,

Phone: 09 42379 4320

Opening Hours : 7 AM – 4 PM


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