If you’re finding a place to hide away from the hustle and bustle, and enjoy delicious, yet healthy food, Locale is the place for you.

Located in the Star City of Thanlyin, the major port city of Yangon, Locale is a sophisticated modern dining offering healthy menu such as a range of fresh juices, all day breakfast, bowls, salads, wraps, and plates. It prides itself in the fresh ingredients in all of their dishes. In fact, the fruits and vegetables they use in the kitchen are displayed for customers to see.

Opened about two months ago, Locale is the newest addition of the growing Pun + Projects which includes the 50th street restaurant, Rauram, and Paribawga. Apart from its Western vibe, the menu, however, offers a range of cultures from South East Asian cuisine such as Thai Kao Tom, Japanese Soba Noodles Salad, and Vietnamese Saigon Bowl to Western cuisine such as California Veggie Wrap, Mexican Burrito Bowl to Australian Sirloin Steak. If you are in a dilemma when deciding which culture food to eat, this is a place for you to get the variety in one trip.

From the breakfast menu, we tried the Silky Soft Scrambled Eggs on Multigrain Toast (5,000MMK). Its soft scrambled eggs compliments well with the mild crunch of the toast. As we weren’t familiar with sweet soups, we were surprised by the exotic sweet and savory taste of the Double Boiled Chicken Soup (7,000MMK), but it was definitely addicting as we couldn’t stop ourselves from devouring the soup. (Tips: It’s a good idea to drink this soup hot on a cold rainy day).

We also tried the popular Kale Caesar Salad (8,000MMK) with a creamy Caesar dressing that goes well with the crunchy kale, and also the filling Pesto-Caesar Wrap (10,000MMK), all of which makes you feel healthy.

They were all lip-smacking delicious, but if we have to name our favorite, it would be the Saigon Bowl (9,000MMK). This colorful bowl includes lemongrass pickles, bean sprouts, fresh herbs, nuoc cham (Vietnamese dipping sauce), and you can choose whether to add grilled tofu, or chicken. The nuoc cham definitely adds up to the flavor as it goes well with the fresh vegetables, which by the way, we devoured every last bit of.

To end the meal, we ordered Carrot Cake (3,500MMK) and Chocolate Brownie Cake (3,000MMK) as dessert. These delicacies would be a treat for the sweet tooth out there. We also highly recommend the smoothies. We tried Red Smoothie (4,500MMK), and Raspberry Pie Smoothie (5,500MMK), both of which were refreshing; it is also a good idea to drink this as an appetizer.

We were also impressed with the services the restaurant provided as we could see the smiles on the servers; they were always asking if we need anything.

If you live in Star City Thanlyin, you can get your orders delivered to your place. In addition, they also offer catering for businesses.

Apart from enjoying at the Locale restaurant, Star City has a place to play golf, go to the gyms and a pool so it’s a good idea to bring your family for a weekend relaxation.

Overall, I would recommend Locale for everyone who seeks for healthy food with fresh ingredients and likes to enjoy a quiet space to unwind and relax. Bring a book and a laptop, relax and get your work done; Wi-Fi is provided. You can also bring your date for breakfast, lunch or dinner; there’s also a spacious place for car parking. The decoration of nature and the cozy atmosphere is the perfect setting for you to treat yourself and your loved ones.


Address: Star City, Building A, Wing A, Thanlyin

Phone: 056 23 150 Ext 1214

Opening Hours: 7:00AM – 11:00PM


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