At Marina, it is Indian in almost all directions; North, South, East and West coming together to add some more fragrance to Yangon’s diverse culinary scene with the addition of Thai, Chinese cuisine and a seafood market after 10am.

There’s all kind of Indian food available, though, there are specific times in which one type is more available than the other. An example is Breakfast, which is mainly in the South Indian style, with Lunch and Dinner mainly in the North Indian Style.

The periods for these have also been carefully separated, as in Breakfast time is from 7:30AM till 10:00AM, with a break of an hour or so for the staff before continuing onto Lunch with again a break in between for dinner. So you better be in time to eat India’s most scrumptious dishes right here in Yangon; it gets pretty crowded at noon and in the late evenings.

Two private rooms available, for 8 and 10 people, with 20,000kyats and 25,000kyats respectively to reserve the places. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then perhaps reserving the whole restaurant would be in order, you can have a buffet or an A La Carte, whichever the customer prefers.

We were suggested three dishes to try, the Mini Breakfast Combo valued at 5,000 kyats, the Parathas with Plain Gravy for 3,000 kyats and the Chicken Dim Sum for 2,500 kyats.

The Mini Breakfast Combo is supple for those who want to get an introduction to Indian Cuisine without having to choose out a specific dish, and the word “Mini” belies its surprisingly hefty size.

The Parathas matched wonderfully with the Plain Gravy; all the Parathas and Pooris  are made exclusively with wheat, not rice, making it even healthier. The Chicken Dim Sum consisted of 3 pieces, oily and succulent.

But it wouldn’t be Indian without any hint of sauces and spices. The sauces were a steaming bowl of Samba, another of mouth-watering Aloo Bhaji, a cup each of Coconut Chutney (White) and Tomato Chutney (Red), with a sizeable bowl of tantalizing Plain Curry.

The Samba is of a vegetarian concoction, which is best eaten while hot, with the Aloo Bhaji being made of potatoes, onions, mustard seeds and a touch of turmeric and green chili. The two Chutneys’ are a coconut and tomato pulped generously and then mixed in with other ingredients such as green chilies and ginger. If any of them are too spicy and vice versa, it is a simple matter of juts telling your server to change it to your tastes and make it more palpable for your palate.

And don’t worry about the condiments running out before you’ve eaten your fill, refill is free as long as there’s still something to eat with it on your table. If you want the best of wide ranging and exquisitely prepared Indian cuisine, then Marina Indian Restaurant is waiting, with doors wide open. There’s also a large parking space out-front so there’s little need t worry about parking space.

Address; No 63, Taw Win Road, Dagon Township, Yangon, Myanmar

Contact Info: 09 970 550055

Opening Hours: 7:30AM-10:00 PM



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