From European cuisine to Chinese Dim Sum, Hong Bao Dim Sum and Authentic Hong Kong Cuisine, opposite of the Thai Embassy Yangon, comes as a greater replacement of fine-dining Water Library restaurant.

The restaurant is divided into dim sum section in a white, luxurious colonial style house and outside by the garden as an all-day coffee and cocktail bar.

Upon arriving during lunchtime, we were guided into one of the private dining rooms among 6 of them. Though it is lunchtime, the restaurant manages to offer such quiet and pleasant environment.

Each of dim sum highlights were introduced to us one by one, ranging from Golden Salty Egg Creamy Bun (2,600 ks), Steamed Rice Rolls with Crispy Shrimp (4,200 ks), Hong Bao Steamed Supreme Pork and Shrimp Dumplings(3,100 ks), Superior Steamed Shrimp Dumplings(3,500 ks), and Import Steamed Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce (2,600 ks)

Having tried many dim sum restaurants around town, my guest and I were impressed by the quality of the dim sum here. The crispy shrimps were fresh and big in size, crispy but not too oily, wrapped with soft rice noodle. The chicken feet, also a signature dish, were tender and easy to chew. The dumplings were full of meat and flavorful.

To enhance the flavor of the dim sum, we were recommended to dip the dim sum with 4 types of sauces; sweet chili for Sui Mei and prawn dumpling, spicy sauce for fried dishes and carrot cake, vinegar for all Xiao Long Bao, and soy sauce for steamed rice rolls ones.

Golden Salty Egg Creamy Bun was our favorite among all. The bun is soft on the outside and when you break it, the egg lava slowly comes out. I have to admit it was a real pleasure watching it, but one should be careful not to spill it.

Next on the line is another signature of the restaurant ” Hong Bao Crispy Roasted Pork/Duck” which comes in 3 sizes; 8,800 ks, 13,800 ks, and 17,800 ks. The roasted duck skin was crispy but not too dry and the meat was succulent while the roasted pork was none like others–brittle skin, dry, not greasy.

We ended the meal with Chinese herbal jelly. With the word herbal, we expected it to be quite bitter but turned out there was no bitterness and not too sweet as a dessert.

Having proved success in Bangkok, Hong Bao in Yangon has maintained excellent quality of ingredients and exceptional taste of dim sum in grand atmosphere.

Address: 83/95, Corner of Manawharri & Pyay Road, Dagon Township, Yangon        

Opening Hours: Dimsum 7 AM – 2PM

A La Carte after 2 PM – 10 PM

Lunch 11 AM – 2PM,

Closed : 3 PM – 6PM ,

Dinner 6 PM – 10 PM

Phone: 01 221 721

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