Myanmar has the second highest death toll of road safety in Southeast Asia according to the Myanmar Organization of Road Safety. Last year alone, there were more than 16,000 accidents in the country. Statistics also showed that in 2016, roughly 13 people perished in road accidents every day in Myanmar.

Meanwhile, the total cost of damages in the first quarter of 2017 averaged at 11.6 million kyat per day. This has brought road safety to the forefront, garnering multi-sectoral action in the country in recent years.

With this statistic, leading global supplier of technology and services “Bosch” has recently launched a creative initiative entitled “Beauty Beneath” to promote road safety.

The campaign partnered with Myanmar leading contemporary artist Arker Kyaw to transform an old building wall on Bayint Naung Road in Yangon’s Mayagone Township into an urban street mural that features a road safety message.


“Road and traffic safety is a topic that affects each and every one of us in our daily lives. Each year, millions of people lose their lives or suffer from injuries. As a supplier of mobility solutions, Bosch can contribute to increase road safety and help make a difference by providing the right technology to equip vehicles with modern safety systems,” said Andre de Jong, Managing Director of Bosch in Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.

The campaign seeks to creatively intensify advocacy for vehicle and road safety, while supporting local artistic talent to gentrify a local neighborhood.

“I am glad that ‘Beauty Beneath’ has enabled me to help deliver such an important message about the need for vehicle and road safety to the people of Myanmar, and I hope that it will be well received,” said Arker Kyaw, whose works have been displayed internationally in Thailand and Indonesia.

In Myanmar, Bosch is presently helping to keep the country’s roads safer by upholding high vehicle safety standards with its automotive aftermarket range of products and solutions, including authorized repair workshops under the Bosch Car Service brand.

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