Looking forward to chilling this weekend around downtown? Having a business meeting or simply hanging out with buddies? New café called ‘ Café Salween ’ has recently been opened on 47th Street (YKKO Side).

The atmosphere is very cozy and decoration makes you feel like you are in a garden with a giant tree in the middle.

It is a modern style café with a Burmese twist, serving many kinds of coffee and Burmese desserts.

The café offers different types of exotic coffee. One of them is hand-brewed single origin coffee originated from Ethiopia. Though appreciation of single origin beans can be seen in specialty coffee houses in other countries, we have not seen this in Myanmar yet. This is the best coffee choice for coffee lovers.

For tea lover, we recommend Salween Tea Latte, which is an adaption of traditional Burmese tea. It is brewed under high pressure and mixed with in house milk from recipe, similar to classic Myanmar Tea available in three levels of sweetness.

Here, they have an interesting way to call the sizes of the coffee by the names of the birds; Robin for small, Flamingo for medium and Ostrich for large.

Say no to bread and butter. This café serves primarily Burmese desserts such as Poppy Seed Cake, Semolina Cake, Steamed Rice Cake, Lotus Seeds Soup, Sweet Potato Cake, Pumpkin Cake and Sago Cake.

All the cakes are not too sweet and it tastes perfect sugary, but the amount of oil may need to be reduced.

Our favorites are Poppy Seed Cake, which is available in three types  – rice, sticky rice and wheat. It goes well with hot Burmese tea. Semolina cake made of wheat milling process rich in proteins and vitamins goes well with Americano and steamed rice cake made from rice flavor is widely popular in Burmese culture. This goes well with hot Burmese tea.

Special promotion for this soft opening period, all the coffees are ‘PAY AS MUCH AS YOU WANT for all espresso based coffee.

Address: G15, Urban Asia Center, Mahabandula Road (Between 47th and 48th Street)
Yangon 11211

Phone: 09 42583 0657

Opening Hours: 9:00AM – 6:00PM

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