Le Planteur is easily the most beautiful restaurant in Yangon, and the most well-known for its food.

The restaurant is the epitome of fine dining, and is unlike any other in Myanmar. It has gained its reputation over years of excellent service, providing a magnificent dining experience to anyone who enters its dreamy interior.

Le Planteur offers its diners a carefully crafted wine list, and access to a wonderful wine cellar, so of course I immediately accepted when I was given the opportunity to attend their Wine and Food pairing night (the third of a series of wine pairing classes). The staff created a welcoming atmosphere, and they had beautifully set up one single table to accommodate all guests. Sharing a communal table created a certain intimacy, which was comforting and it felt like the meal was amongst friends.

We were provided with a booklet as a guide for taking notes on the food and wine, which facilitated the experience, and in addition it provided information which could be consulted when buying wine in the future. We tasted five different wines from the Bordeaux region, which were paired with five carefully crafted dishes (six including the amuse bouche). The foie gras, the scallop, the lamb, the beef and the sweet.

The menu under head chef Gil Dumoulin demonstrates exceptional technique and creativity, eye for detail and beautiful aesthetics that display the dedication that goes into making every dish. A tender dry aged beef fillet, served with crunchy grilled polenta and delectable truffle foam, the perfect cut of tuna sashimi with fresh and delicate wasabi ice-cream, or velvety foie gras terrine with dates. Simplicity at its best, the food is a celebration of the finest ingredients all paired harmoniously.

Although I love wine, and like to think I can differentiate between good and bad wine, I do not have the skill to distinguish between a red with a dominant violet flavour, or one with a dominant plum flavour.

It seems that I have a better understanding of these differences after the sommelier Maja Roy, took us on an entertaining journey of discovery of the wines of Bordeaux with charm and simplicity, unfolding each wine’s history, terroir, mouthfeel and flavour, while we alternated between sips and bites of food. I learned with ease how a citrusy white like Clos des Lunes Lune Blanche 2014 pairs with sweet and salty foie, or that the sauce is very important to consider when pairing lamb with a wine.

I can confidently say this class has given me more knowledge of the wines I am buying, through an extraordinary experience at the fairest price. I hope Le Planteur plans to host more events like this in the future, and I strongly advise anyone to take the opportunity to attend as it will be unforgettable.

More info on the next class, please contact [email protected]

Address: 80 University Avenue Yangon 11111

Phone: 01 514 230

Opening hours: 11:30AM – 11:30PM


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