When I was asked to review a new Japanese restaurant at Sule Square Shopping centre I kept my expectations low. I was anticipating tasteless noodles and chewy salmon, yet The Sushi Bar was a splendid surprise.

The lovely Japanese inspired décor, and the staff’s friendly greeting offers a cosy break from the fluorescent lights of Sule Square Shopping centre.

The menu has the typical Japanese restaurant staples: sushi, makimono, sashimi, noodles and rice dishes, soups and hot dishes, as well as a wide selection of appetisers.

What distinguished Sushi Bar from other Japanese restaurants is the choice of superior quality cuts of fish imported from Japan, and although the price may seem a little high, the fish is excellent.

The best way to savour their fish is to get some sashimi. We tried a variety of sashimi from the seasonal menu which offers the finest cuts, and also some from the regular menu.

The selection included Sake belly sashimi (salmon belly sashimi, 9,500MMK) which was the best salmon I have had in Yangon, Shima Aji (yellowjack fish 16,000MMK), Madai (Red Snapper 15,000MMK) the Akami, the lean cut of the blue fin tuna (12,000MMK) which had an incredible mouthfeel, and the delectable Otoro (29,000MMK), the fattiest and the most treasured part of the blue fin tuna, which had a delightful umami flavour, and fell apart in your mouth.

The makimono is worth trying, the Ebi Salmon Aburi Maki (13,000MMK for 8 pieces), is rolled sushi stuffed with shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado and with slightly seared salmon on top.

All the ingredients complemented one another and each bite was well balanced in flavour, the shrimp tempura maintained its crunchiness. Sushi Bar offers various makimono, ranging from simple Salmon Maki (4,800MMK) to more elaborate Soft-Shell Crab Salmon Aburi Maki (15,000MMK).

Aside from the fish, we also tried their Foie Gras Ikura Chawanmushi (9,500MMK), a soupy Japanese egg custard, which was flavoursome but a bit too rich given its size. As well as a wonderful cut of Miyazaki Wagyu (40,000MMK), A5 Grade steak cooked to perfection, and even though it came with dipping sauces, I thought the meat was delicious and didn’t need the additional seasoning.

The Sushi Bar is the place to enjoy the fine dishes in a relaxed atmosphere, I highly recommend it as a place to enjoy some serious sushi and sashimi.

Address: Sule Square Shopping Mall, Sule Rd, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Phone: 09 979 414065

Hours 11:30AM – 3:00PM, 5:00PM – 9:00PM
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