“The View, the Drinks and the Food! That’s what people come to Pepperoni Pizza for.

And it seems to be true; the view is certainly a novelty, with Shewdagon Pagoda being visible through the wide glass of the compound, though there’s also a balcony which enhances the scene.

The outlet has a certain casual feel, at odds with the prettily placed wine bottles to the side and the professional chefs dressed up and cooking behind the half-open barrier between the kitchen and the feasting customers. I also spied out a bunch of ingredients and whatnot assembled ominously overhead in high open shelves.

The first dish of the four ordered a scrumptious fare by the name of Calamari Fritti. The going rate being at 6,500 kyats and consisting of deep fried squid rings served with lemon mayo and arrabbiata sauce. The fried squid matched beautifully with the arrabbiata sauce, the mayo providing that softly curling blandness that was simply marvelous.

Right on its heels was the Chicken Salad. That came in at 5,000 kyats, in a pristine white bowl filed with mixed luscious green tomatoes, chicken fillets and splattered lovingly with parmesan cheese and mayo dressing.

And of course it wouldn’t be complete without a plate of steaming Amatriciana for 9,500 kyats- a wonderful confection of sautéed bacon and onions in zesty tomato sauce, and it is as tasty and delicious as it sounds. The sauce was exquisite, if you ever decide to try something from Peperoni Pizzeria, try the Amatriciana- you cannot go wrong.

And  for the delight of those pizza lovers everywhere, we tried the Suprema Pizza. Ordering a medium-sized Suprema for 12,000 kyats; the funny thing is that the sizes for the pizza dishes go only from medium to extra large. Extra toppings can also be provided, with the accompanying price hike of course. The Suprema was paper thin, made purposely so as to differ from other pizza providers. Consisting of shitake, chicken sausage along with onions and red chilies, the Suprema was a pretty fair pizza.

Final thought, Pepporni pizza is a perfect place for various occasions, given nice food and nice view.

Address: Union Business Center (UBC) Annex B, Nat Mauk Road, Bo Cho Quarter Bahan Township

Contact Info: 09 302 58388

Opening Hours: 11:00am to 10:00pm

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