Looking for what to do on Friday evening? Look no further, The Market restaurant at Meliã Hotel has a special seafood buffet night every Friday for all seafood lovers.

Atmosphere: It is the first time for us visiting Meliã on their seafood night. My guest and I were impressed by modern looking decoration and how spacious the restaurant is. The decoration depicts coziness with yellow lighting and different food stations are well displayed. Though it seems as an open space, there are several far-end tables if you seek privacy.

Food: After seated, the waiter offered us a glass of sparkling wine, which includes in the $48++ buffet. Good news is it is free flow with no time limit.

There are over 150 items for us to choose from the buffet line, categorized into seafood corner, Japanese corner, cold cut, salad, seafood hot plates, noodle station, and desserts. The menu of each week will be changing based on availability. According to the chef, new items will also be added to surprise the customers.

As a salmon sashimi lover, I went straight to the Japanese corner, having found that the whole salmon being served as sashimi. Moreover, you can find octopus, sea bass, tuna, and yellowtail sashimi along with assorted nigiri, sushi, magi, salad bar and soup.

Meanwhile, my guest reached over to seafood stations with the selection of
oysters, mussels, tiger prawn, and Alaska King Crab to share with me. The seafood is fresh and goes well with spicy Thai seafood dressing that we chose.

Our meal did not stop there. Walking over to cooked seafood station, giant grilled lobster with garlic butter is the highlight. Grilled water prawn with mango salsa is also recommended.

Save some rooms for hot plate stations, seafood zarzuela with saffron, prime ribs, rainbow trout on braised fennel are must-try menu. Be noted that the menu may change, but I can guarantee one will not be disappointed.

No matter how full a person is, there should always be a room for desserts, especially for desserts at The Market, you might need to leave quite a big room. Their homemade ice cream comes in 12 flavors, which is soft and rich in flavor. Our favorites were taro, mango, and passion fruit sorbet.

Moreover, there are over 10 kinds of cakes and desserts such as cheesecake and pana cotta, plus crepe and chocolate fountain.

Final thought: seafood night at The Market restaurant, Meliã Hotel is definitely a good deal with high quality of freshness of the seafood, the variety of the items, catering to all customers, attentive staff and pleasant atmosphere. It’s a perfect Friday!

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Natty Tangmeesang
Natty is a digital native who loves food. In her free time, she likes to explore new eateries in Yangon and beyond. Her friends often say "Natty is everywhere."


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