If you want a break from the noise and traffic of downtown Yangon, then head over to Beyond Café, sat at the very foot of Ruby Garden Hotel.

The café has a rather unique structure- it looks like some Germanic longhouse or drinking hall, albeit with glass walls and a white coloring that looked quite fetching in the dazzling mid-afternoon sun. There are even a couple of tables and chairs outside for those customers who want to wine and dine under the sparkling sun.

And now of course, to the food! Well the drinks- they came early and the first is the Passion Fruit Smoothie. The price came in at 3,300 kyats. The large and assiduously pretty glass was filled to the brim with Passion Fruit that tasted absolutely exquisite. I cannot praise Beyond Café’s Passion Fruit Smoothie enough, do try it- you will not regret it.

In quick order of succession came the Oreo Choco Frappe, also for 3,300 kyats, a very light and airy confection in which you are nigh guaranteed to taste Oreo and a hot, steaming cup of Cappuccino ,which is priced at 2,500 kyats.

Then, the Grilled Chicken Pestro Mushroom Dish followed a delightful piece with grilled chicken and pestro sauce and spaghetti. That was for 7,000 kyats, and though the spaghetti had somewhat of a small portion, the pestro sauce made up for it in its tangy deliciousness.

The Squid Special with Salted Egg and Seafood Glass Noodle Salad arrived on the dot. Coming in at 8,000 kyats and 4,500 kyats respectively, the Squid Special’s curry was matching well with the squid and salted egg. The Seafood Glass Noodle Salad was another one of those fares that you simply couldn’t get enough of. It was of a salty and spicy kind, although more the former than the later.

Things would be amiss without that all present dish across any café in Yangon- Fish & Chips, a welcome familiarity after the new, exciting and tongue tingling tastes of Beyond Café’s dishes and drinks!

Final thought, Beyond Café is a nice place to stop for a break, if you are alone and with friends. The pleasant atmosphere will surely calm your mind.

Address: 631 Pyay Road, Kamayut Township, Yangon (car parking at Ruby Garden Hotel Compound)

Contact Info: 09 952 007117, 09 952 227117

Opening Hours: 10AM-10PM


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