Monday, December 9, 2019

Manora Thai Cuisine and Bistro: Of Colors and Characters

Located in downtown on the uppermost floor of Junction City mall, Manora offers a casual bistro dining experience that serves affordable, popular Thai, Myanmar and international delights.

Inspired by an ancient drama dance art form from southern Thailand, discerning diners can expect to notice its varied colors and characters infused into the restaurant’s concept – from its décor to its over 100 offerings, painstaking curated by the resident lady Thai chef and her team.

One such dish that displayed a burst of those colors and characters was the signature Manora Tum Mua (6,900 Ks), a spicy mixed papaya salad with salted egg, noodles, pickled fish and deep fried chicken. Not least, it surely was a feast for the eyes, and its complex, crunchy textures and flavors of spicy, sour and sweet, left us wanting more with every bite. We highly recommend this dish as a starter for its refreshing tickles on our palettes.

Next, we were offered to try the Phad Thai Goong Sod (6,000 Ks), rice noodles served on a paper-thin crust, with bean sprouts on the side and a sauce condiment. It’s tasty, and came with generous shrimps, though it was a tad dry for our liking. We also tried the Nam Prik Ka Pi Pla Tuu (6,900 Ks), a fried mackerel with mixed vegetables and shrimp paste condiment. The fish was fresh and cooked to perfection, but we thought the dish itself was rather ordinary and left more to be desired, especially in relativity to the other more appealing offerings.

The highlights for us were the Gaeng Keow Wan Tofu (5,900 Ks), a vegetarian curry served with tofu, cashew nuts and mixed vegetables, and the Thai Iced Milk Tea Shaved Ice (4,500 Ks). The curry soup base was delicious as it was packed with flavor from the spices, and came with generous portions of bite-sized fresh ingredients. If anything, its portion was relatively small, so it’s more of a side order; and diners may order rice staple to complement it.

The shaved ice dessert was our favorite and on the contrary, was a huge bowl fit for two. For the richness of the milk, and smoothness of the ice, we highly recommend this dessert. To wrap up our meal, we had the Mango Juice and the signature Manora Mix (raspberries, strawberries and blueberries mixed). For diners who fancy alcoholic and caffeinated drinks, the menu and a bar counter have plenty of options to offer.

All in all, Manora’s food was delectable and high in quality. Its extensive menu of ala carte, beverages and desserts are a plus point that makes diners spoilt for choice. Its warm lighting ambience, spacious seating layout, a choice of indoors and outdoor terrace seating offer different but surely comfortable dining experiences. If anything, its staff attentiveness, attitude and knowledge of the dishes can be improved.


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