Monday, December 9, 2019

[Interview] New Year’s YVES V

YVES V – a top DJ and producer with a stellar reputation for commanding huge festival crowds – flew in from China to drop the slickest set during Myanmar’s water festival, thrilling revelers with his razor-sharp blend of trance, funky electro and progressive house.

A veteran of Southeast Asia’s frenetic, liquid, and increasingly EDM-soundtracked new year’s celebrations (Yves has three years of Bangkok’s S20 songkran festivals under his belt, and lists the event as one of his favourites across all Asia), the Belgian was returning to Myanmar for the third time: his previous visit saw him play a huge new year show with another superstar of the circuit, Martin Garrix.

MYANMORE caught up with the rising star – whose tunes are regularly dropped all over the world by household names such as Steve Aoki, Tiësto, Roger Sanchez and Pete Tong – before he took to the stage, to find out what keeps him returning to this corner of the world.

EDM is bigger than ever, reaching more listeners and churning out larger profits for labels the world over than ever before. However, many Europeans will tell you that all is not well in EDM’s heartlands with more famous super-clubs closing their doors every year.

Despite this, when asked about the dying club scene in Europe, Yves remains deeply positive: “Things are changing. In Belgium, and generally in Europe. The underground scene – tech house and deep house – is exploding, it’s growing a lot. You hear a lot that EDM is dead. It is not. Electronic house music will always transform, it will change. Now, as ever, it’s always a case of doing the next thing – of evolving. But you are right, the club scene is a little more difficult these days, it’s no longer easy to have a whole year full of club shows – but it’s now possible to fill the summer with festivals.”

“YVES V’s next release with DJ Marc Benjamin is coming out May 15th.”

East Asia is a key driver of this positivity and, with very good reason, the DJ is particularly optimistic about the growth of EDM in this part of the globe: “The big difference between Asia and Europe is that 20 years ago we [Europe] already had electronic music, we had a really big history – people were spoilt. In Asia it’s all new – it’s fresh – and some people are only now starting to know it! For example, I just came from China last night – it’s new to so many people there, and they love it! It’s totally different. People here in Asia are full of energy when you are playing and that’s what I love about it. Now, when I release a song, I get so much feedback from people all over Asia – for sure it’s the top market for progressive house, for EDM at the moment.”

By his own admission, after leaving Asia Yves has a “very hectic” summer ahead. In late July, he will once again play the Belgian mega-festival Tomorrowland – a highlight of Europe’s EDM calendar that he has now smashed over ten consecutive times.

Indeed, the double weekend marathon meet-up remains integral to the DJ: ‘I live under an hour from the festival and have been there since the beginning, seeing it grow. It’s very special, always one of the highlights of my year.’ And you can see why: accompanying Yves at this year’s event will be a who’s-who of solid-gold EDM legends, including Tiësto, Steve Aoki, Carl Cox, David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren and Axwell /\ Ingrosso.

Aside from Tomorrowland, Yves can also excitingly disclose that this summer he will take up a new residency at a “huge club” in Ibiza – the home of EDM where he has already carved a solid cult following after unleashing his V Sessions project at SuperMartXe parties throughout the season. A hard-working producer with a prodigious output, Yves also confided that he has “a lot of new tracks ready… four or five currently laid down” – one of which will be released on Spinnin’ Records this month, following up on March’s anthem Find Your Soul.

A busy guy, Yves is yet to find the time to see more of Myanmar, but he is adamant that one day he will get to do a bit of exploration: “I’ve seen the pictures: going up in a balloon [over Bagan]… it’s very high on my list!’


YVES V will be playing Tomorrowland July 21st – 30th (Boom, Belgium).


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