Croissants! Butter Croissants! Cream Cheese Raisins! Kouign-Amann, and of course the very symbol of France, the Baguette!

All of these and more, the absolute finest of French and Japanese style pastries can be found only at Baker Secrets; a delectable little bakery/café on Maharbanddoola Garden Street.

The décor was much like any normal bakery/café place, with the goods being set on display for the customer to choose from. Meeting with pastry chef Ko Ko Aung and Owner Vincent Wee, I was guided to a round table and was informed of a variety of pastries that they assured would just blow my mind away with their quality.

Being guided to the placement aisles, a host of foodstuffs filled my senses, all of them scrumptious seeming. Among Baker Secrets’ myriad number of baked bread are a couple of its most popular signature dishes, such as the Butter Croissant, the Kouign-Amann and the Panna Cotta Bun. The chef informed me that quality was the byword here at Baker Secrets and that they used no margarine only the most pure of butter and levain for the bread.

The Butter Croissant, a more buttery version of the croissant, is incredibly croissant-like. Meaning that the layers of bread can actually be seen- a rarity in these parts and it has the ripe crunchiness that just makes the eater just salivate for more. Coming in at just 1800Kyats and thus being among the most expensive bread on the plate, the Butter Croissant is definitely worth your money.

The Kouign-Amann for 2000Kyats is a pastry from the region of Brittany in France, its strangeness being that it is sold nowhere else in Myanmar, is the pure sweet butter along with that crunchiness which seems to be the hallmark of Baker Secrets is simply wonderful to get your teeth into and start munching happily away.

A glass of fresh crushed orange/lemon fruit juice was proffered, and the taste was novel to say the least. But of course it wouldn’t be French without Garlic and a platter of the aforementioned bread was provided, the harsh crunchy exterior being balanced by the soft garlic bread underneath.

But it’s not all bread however, with varying types of cakes available, and here are some choice desserts. The red velvet cake at 27,000Kyats is layers of chocolate, cream cheese, cocoa powder and actual red cake. The Japanese light cheese cake is one of the most popular cakes in Baker Secrets, and priced at just 1500Kyats for a slice, is very affordable to boot. The Nutty Brownie for 2000Kyats, filled with hazelnuts and walnuts is a particular favorite amongst locals and foreigners, the exquisite taste of both the chocolate and the nuts coming together to form the Nutty Brownie.

Most importantly, delivery service is available for downtown area.
Address: 181/183, MaharBandoola Garden St, Kyauktada Township
Yangon, Myanmar

Contact Number: 09 971 217778

Opening Hours 8:30AM – 7; 30 PM

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