Sitting at Astons Specialities Yangon’s newest branch in Junction city, it was funny for me because I remembered eating Astons’ burger at a food court in Singapore many years back. It was making news in the local newspapers because usually in food courts and hawker centers in the neighborhood, the western food tend to be an option you choose because you do not want to eat rice or noodle that particular day.

However, Astons changed the game by offering quality Western food at affordable prices. It was amusing to be able to say you want your steak medium rare without getting a raised eyebrow by Uncle who is serving you food at a food court.

Founder Aston Soon, with support from family and close friends, left his job as chef in restaurant and started out on his own at a small stall in 2005. From then on, Astons has moved on to a proper shop for its customers to have affordable western cuisine. Astons Specialities boosts 30 over branches all over South East Asia now. In Yangon, there is one branch in Myanmar Plaza and now a new one in Junction City on the 5th Floor next to Food Streat.

With its Western cowboy theme and awesome rap music (an interesting but surprisingly good combination), it is a good place to hang out after walking around the mall with your friends or your family. Astons has recently made some changes in their menu to accommodate all of its customers.

For this review, I tried out most of the popular dishes in Astons. Prime Ribeye (19,500 Ks) comes with two side dishes of your choices. For 3,500 Ks more, you can get a bigger portion of 25% with Prime Cut X’tra Cut. This is meant for customers who are not satisfied with the normal portion but cannot finish 2 of the same dishes. My steak was medium rare and the beef, which comes from Australia, was soft and delicious. The Garden Veggies (2,000 Ks on its own) on the side dish were fresh. Another side dish, Mac and Cheese, which is a favorite among school children who frequent Astons, was rather watery for my taste. This could also be because I only tried them after finishing the steak.

The next dish was “Ieat Super Burger” (15,500 Ks) which is named after a famous blogger in Singapore. It is made of double regular beef patty combined with the crispy onion floss, 3 Strips of bacon, ASTONS special secret BBQ sauce, crunchy romaine lettuce, tomatoes and cheddar cheese. The portion is big enough for 2 people and I would say the price is reasonable. However, the crispy onion floss was over fried on the occasion I was eating and distracted me from an overall a pleasant dish.

I also tried Beef Stew ( 15,500 Ks) with Tasty( Buttered) rice  and Pasta Salad as side dishes. The unique trait of the stew is that it is cooked with Budweiser beer which makes the dish pleasant and not too heavy. Portion wise, the dish is slightly pricey for its offering.

The Spicy Chicken Spaghetti is (7,200 Ks) comes with soup of the day and it is one of my favorite dishes.  One of the reviews on Astons Yangon facebook Page said this place is good western food with Asian taste. I half agreed with the statement. Judging from the menu and the dishes I have tried, Astons did thorough studies of its customers in Yangon. Astons caters western food with both western and Asian taste. If the ribeye is too rich for you, there is Black Pepper Steak (17,000 Ks) for those with fiery taste buds. If their Fiery Chicken (7,200 Ks) is too spicy for you, there are Hickory BBQ Chicken (7,2000 Ks) and Teriyaki Chicken (7,200 Ks) for you. Each category has dishes that cater to people with different tastes.

Drink menu wise, there are cold beverages with their Iced Lemon Tea ( 2,500 Ks) being a popular. You can also get nice selection of coffee and tea. Astons also offers a small wine selection in case your mood strikes.

Overall, Aston is a good hangout place after shopping or movie or if you have team lunch with people of different nationalities. They offer menu to suit almost everyone. While their side dishes still have rooms for improvement, I would come again for dinner on movie nights in Junction City.


  • Junction City

Unit 506-B, Corner of Bogyoke Aung San & Shwe Dagone Pagoda Road,Pabadan Township

  • HAGL Myanmar Plaza

Unit 302-B , Kaba Aye Pagoda Road, Bahan Township, Tel: 09-960949499


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