Small, lovely and assiduously cozy, the One Cool Café is the ultimate representation of a family friendly place, as described by Ko Hein Zar, the manager.

Amid an expanding array of café and restaurants in Bo Yar Nyunt/Yaw Min Gyi area, the café still ensures the warm and pleasant atmosphere to its customers, after opening last year.

The café has a light airy feeling, with a soft brown/white color on the furniture and a cool grey tone on the floors and wall that matches with its pleasantness.

There are sofas attached to the side walls and the café as a whole could comfortably fit around 15 people, 20 if pushed.

Although many dishes were presented, by far the most delicious was the Nutella Rolls, the chocolate giving a sharp sweetness that was tempered only by the soft bread and the lusciousness of the cream.

One Cool Cafe: the Epitome of Pleasantness

To go with it is the Blueberry Smoothie; the utter freshness of the drink just cleared the mind of all worries. One Cool Café’s Blueberry Smoothie is definitely one to try while in the area.

Two noodle dishes, the Green Curry Pasta and the Spagnetti Bolognese were very enjoyable. The former was much like a spaghetti but with a green overtone and prawn, accompanied by the ever-present lettuce. The latter was a delightful confection of shredded cheese, hot sauce, chicken, lettuce, and the most colorful noodles, all combining together to form the Spagnetti Bolognese.

One Cool Cafe: the Epitome of PleasantnessOne more dessert and two more drinks were dropped in quick succession. There were a slice of Coconut Roll and a cup of Rainbow Latte followed by a glass of Thai Tea Frappe. The Coconut just melts in the mouth and the rainbow latte is very pretty looking. The Tea Frappe seems attractive both in looks and flavor.

Wifi is available and acceptably speedy. The area is quiet , with only the occasional sound of the noise making car and/or person passing by.

The prices were within the range of 2,000 Ks for an espresso to  6,000 Ks for the breakfast set.

Address: 26B Ground floor, Bo Yar Nyunt Road, Dagon Township, Yangon, Myanmar

Ph: 09783732330

Opening Hours: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM



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