The beverages company will introduce Coca-Cola Summer Oasis, a lounge to offer a refreshing break from 11am to 6pm, which will include uplifting music and exciting activities.

Coca-Cola invites Myanmar to take a break by launching Coca-Cola Summer Oasis, a centrally located lounge area in Yangon, during Thingyan festivities, from 13th to 16th April. It will focus on the “break-time” during the day, to give Thingyan-goers a place to relax and refresh between festivities.

The Summer Oasis will have a cozy atmosphere, uplifting music and unique activities for attendees to enjoy. Open from 11am to 6pm, the lounge will create a new Thingyan trend by providing an enjoyable and refreshing break experience between Thingyan pandals’ operation hours. In the past, Thingyan-goers have had to fight traffic, crowds and the clock to make it home to refresh.

The Summer Oasis will have a caravan version, Coca-Cola Summer Oasis Caravan, a mobile unit which will be around the city to make sure everyone is uplifted with ice cold Coca-Cola products and fun activities. It will travel around Yangon’s pandal hot spots, engaging crowds on the streets through sampling and fun activities.

Coca-Cola Myanmar General Manager, Rehan Khan said, “we participate in Thingyan to celebrate Myanmar new year while providing a refreshing and uplifting break time experience that only Coca-Cola can provide.”

This year, the multinational brand is looking at being part of the Thingyan festivities in a closer, more impactful and thoughtful way: offering a chill space available when pandals stop their operation and customers need it the most, especially between noon and 3pm.

 “Coca-Cola wants to offer a safe, fun and refreshing option during the time when party goers are under the hot sun. Pandals stop their water supply and people don’t really know where to go, which is why we are giving them a real oasis where they can recharge and get shelter from the heat without fighting traffic. We want to invite Myanmar to take a break with Coca-Cola”, said Akira Nopakunkajorn, Coca-Cola Myanmar Marketing Director.

The Coca-Cola Summer Oasis will feature happiness machines, where customers have to insert the cap of the recently launched 350ml Coca-Cola bottle and they will receive surprises and gifts.

From 2 to 4pm every day, Coca-Cola Summer Oasis will feature special segments with renowned artists. On April 13th, the Coca-Cola Summer Oasis will host an exceptional performance by Hyrax –finalist dance crew at Myanmar Got Talent 2016–, who will engage the crowds with the 300 Jingle Dance, the special dance created for the new Coca-Cola 350ml package at 300 kyats. On April 14th, the invited artists will be The Bugbears, a sleuth of Burmese DJs & electronic musicians. The young promise actress Nan Su Oo will have a special performance on April 15th and finally, The Kendrick DJ will close the Thingyan celebration at the lounge at the rhythm of hip hop and hard trap on April 16th.

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