Sunday, January 26, 2020

Aroy Thai : Modern Thai with Nice Decor

By: Sofia Raineri

Aroy Thai is a refreshing addition to the Yangon restaurant scene.

Modern and spacious, it spreads over two floors, family friendly downstairs, and chill out bar on the upstairs terrace. Aroy Thai is a perfect place to unwind after work and grab some food with friends. The bar can host up to 100 guests and has already been used for birthday parties, and even a proposal.

The design of the restaurant has been carefully thought out to provide the best possible atmosphere and dining experience. Their signature umbrellas hanging on the walls add a touch of colour, and the bar is wonderfully quirky.

The menu offers a wide variety of Thai dishes and the portions are generous.They have a selection of delicious curries, such as the Spicy Beef Red Curry (5,900MMK), – the beef was perfectly tender- and the Chicken Curry (5,900MMK) which had plentiful chicken and Thai eggplant.

Based on the spice level of the curries I believe Aroy Thai offers a milder, more bearable alternative compared to other Thai restaurants, whilst still bearing the ever-present heat of Thai cuisine, it won’t leave your mouth completely numb. The Tom Yum (12,000 MMK large pot) is delicious, light, fragrant and  full of seafood (crab, cuttle fish, prawns…just to name a few).

My personal favourite dish was the Three Seasons Fish (10,800MMK), perfectly cooked fish topped with a sweet and sour sauce, pineapple chunks and Thai basil which added freshness. A free (and delicious) dessert is served with every meal.

Aroy Thai also has large selection of drinks, wine and cocktails. The Margarita was perfect, strong and zesty. The restaurant plans to add more Thai inspired cocktails in the near future.

Aroy Thai provides innovation in its atmosphere, making it perfect for every occasion from family meal to a drink with friends or hosting a party.



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