Who knew veggies and furniture could go together?

by MYANMORE & Phone Depar Min

Paribawga, unique concept furniture showroom by Pun+Projects, introduces their new opening vegetarian café over the weekend.

Located on Bogalay Zay street, Paribawga, which means “furniture” in Burmese, brings the coolness into food with the introduction of a concept of an upscale vegetarian small plates in a cool crafted furniture showroom .

Paribawga showroom features exquisitely crafted Burmese furniture. Paribawga offers specialty bespoke furniture services for private individuals, companies, and designers. It aims to create custom furniture and installations for all types of spaces, with the goal of optimizing comfort, function and style.

The new café inside includes nine dishes with tantalizing-sounding names on the menu and all come in premium prices, emphasized on high-quality fresh produce and organic flavors.

We opted for Citrus Salad, as suggested by the showroom manager. It is formed of a generous splattering of Kachin Honey, Pistachios, Mint, Pomelo, Grape Fruit and last but not least Spinach. Superbly assembled, the salad itself was quite sweet with the sweetness being held in check by the utter freshness of the mint.


Other interesting dishes include roasted asparagus frittata, made of pesto whipped ricotta, sriracha, avocado creama. And, risotto rosso consists of Gorgonzola, pear, percorini.

For dessert lover, you should not miss Kachin honey ginger crème brûlée and coconut pana cotta. The prices range from 8,000 KS – 12,000 KS.

The caffeine is also available, along with a diverse amount of fruit juices and a collection of alcohol.



+95 1 248 908
104 Bogalay Zayy street, Botahtaung Township, Yangon

Opening Hours

10:00 AM – 8:30 PM


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