Do you know today is Triday? It means asking your neighboring trishaw riders to take a seat back and you do the riding.

Started by Chris Peken who lives and works in Sanchaung, Triday is to show appreciation for how hard these trishaw riders have been making our lives easier by taking us to places where traffic is bad but yet too far to walk.

We, at MYANMORE, participated by riding around our downtown street. The trishaw rider agreed to our request immediately while suppressing a smile. You may not have noticed it before but the seat in these trishaws are really high and they are rather heavy too. Passing motorists have been understanding and supportive while a few passerbys muttered about us flirting with death.

We gallantly made it through half way of a downtown street without injuring ourselves and our passenger said he was pleased with the service.It’s not an easy task!

Dear trishaw riders of Yangon, we salute you.



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