by R.E.Saw

Photo: Htoo Kyaw Htet

Like everyone else apart from US President Donald Trump, Dutch DJ/Producer Dyro had a rough 2016 and had been staying low. This year, he remarkably came back with an aptly named hit single “Alive” in January. MYANMORE managed to catch up with him when he was in town for MSS Trinity EDM Festival in February at The One Entertainment Park.

Taller in person and casually dressed, “Dyro or Jordy van Egmond” was cheerful despite his flight being cancelled due to bad weather in Europe. His team scrambled to make it to Yangon with another flight. This was his second time performing in Yangon.

“The last time I was here , it was for Water Festival last year—so a very different scene. I am very excited to be back. The first time is like an introduction and the second time, there are some fans”, he quipped.

Dyro is being modest. He is well-loved by EDM fans here who describe him as “One of the Coolest DJs Ever”.

Speaking of his year 2016, Dyro said, “I didn’t release a lot of music last year because I switched my entire management team. I wanted to reinvent my music so I just kept on producing. I have a lot of music ready and have a fresh start in 2017. ‘Alive’ is setting the tone for this year”

For his patient fans, they are in for a treat as Dyro has 8 songs ready for this year.

He stated that he will be doing more diverse music so that his fans can expect a lot more “ Trappy music, some bass and some dubstep”. Constantly exploring and reinventing his music is one of the main traits of Dyro as an artist.

Dyro rocked the stage at MSS Trinity Concert in Yangon, Myanmar in February.

When asked if he was nervous about the audience’s reaction whenever he releases new sound, Dyro was optimistic.

“It’s a good thing because although you will lose some fans who don’t like it but you will also gain new fans who love it. It is very important personally for me to be able to do what I like. I don’t want to do something just for the sake of people to like me or for money,”the 24-year-old EDM artist explained.

He continued with this frank admission, “In my set, you can still play alternative music but you can add some commercial vocals so that people can still have that recognition. It has worked for me for years so I am not very afraid (of his audience reaction)”.

For his Myanmar fans, Dyro said he is thankful for the continued support ,despite his almost hiatus last year. Dyro has some advice for the up and coming DJs in Myanmar as well; “ Stay humble.Stay down there and do your own thing.”

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