What it is: Horn originally started life in 2014 as a Japanese steakhouse in Golden Valley. After a one year break and an upgraded menu it became reborn as HORN Japanese Bar & Restaurant in the same location. It’s not an expensive Japanese restaurant by any means, but the taste and service are up to the mark.

The Chef, Takashi Odate-san has been mastering the art of cooking Japanese Wagyu beef for his entire life. He moved to Myanmar recently and bought the name Horn from his native countryman named Shinjiku. His aim is to offer Burmese people a selection of premium Japanese dishes at a fraction of the price of most Japanese restaurants.

When at Horn, be sure to check out their signature Wagyuu Steak Menu which are all imported directly from Japan.

Horn Japanese Bar & Restaurant: Mouth Watering Wagyu Beef in Golden Valley

Atmosphere: There is nothing distinctly Japanese about the interior which is plain and homey with white floor tiles, wooden tables and a bar for cocktails. The only decor that reflects the restaurant’s name are the horns hanging on each side of the walls. There are a handful of small tables as well as three spacious private rooms for groups. There’s also pleasant, outdoor garden seating with a pavilion if the weather is on your side.
Horn Japanese Bar & Restaurant: Mouth Watering Wagyu Beef in Golden Valley
Recommendation: Horn has a very extensive menu. They have everything from grilled food to ramen, sushi and even Bento and Wagyu. For starters, we ordered from the “sarada section” of the menu and opted for Green Sarada (3,000Ks) which includes broccoli, carrot, cucumber, corn and tomato with some mayonnaise topping. It’s a normal combination I’ve seen before, but the sauce it came with was delish. It’s made of peanut oil, garlic, pepper and soy sauce and matched perfectly with the cold salad.

Horn Japanese Bar & Restaurant: Mouth Watering Wagyu Beef in Golden Valley
Yakitoritare Yaki

After this appetizing starter, we moved onto ordering our main courses. My better half chose Yakitori tareji; girlled chicken sticks, (3,000Ks) while I opted for Yakitoritare Yaki; chicken teriyaki sauce (5,000Ks). Yakitori is bite-sized chunks served as Japanese skewers. The roasted chicken skewers with charred crusty edges are amazingly tender and tasty! Yakitoritare Yaki came with succulent pieces of grilled chicken and some side salad to accompany them. The chicken itself was very juicy and the sweet teriyaki sauce brought out the taste of the dishes.

Horn Japanese Bar & Restaurant: Mouth Watering Wagyu Beef in Golden Valley

Up next is the Gyoza – 5pcs (2,500Ks), 10pcs (4,500Ks). The wafer-thin skins on the dumplings were supple and moist as they were steamed first before being lightly pan-fried. They were packed full of the flavour of pork and vegetables and were well complemented by the sour dipping sauce.

Another one of their signature dishes is the Korokke; fried pork meat balls & potato (4,000Ks). The meat and potato are thoroughly grounded inside and had a lovely golden texture outside. The crisp crunch is music to the ears, a small bite into the hot soft potato could fill my mouth full of smoke.

We finished off with home-made green tea ice cream. It’s like little matcha infused with milk, perfect for those who prefer their tea mild and sweet. Horn has a Rakhine chef in the afternoons when most of the customers are office staff from the neighbourhood. If you want to check out their Rakhine dishes, lunch time is when you should strike.

Horn Japanese Bar & Restaurant: Mouth Watering Wagyu Beef in Golden Valley

Final thoughts: The atmosphere may not be the main attraction but you are here to experience the most delicious dishes with wallet-friendly pricing. Horn brings Japanese dining closer to you. This is a hidden gem that really deserves your support and warrants a visit.
Horn Japanese Bar & Restaurant: Mouth Watering Wagyu Beef in Golden Valley
No.36A, Golden Valley Street, Quarter 2, Bahan Tsp, Yangon.
Tel: 09785188825

Open: 11am till 11pm

No 36(A), Inya Myaing Road, Golden Valley Quarter (2), Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Inya Myaing Road Yangon Yangon Region MM
01 51340401 513404

Most newcomers may first find it difficult to find this restaurant, but don’t give up (remember to carry their phone number in case you get lost). Their tasty beef imported from Japan and Australia is their specialty. Private rooms are available as well as special meals for business or private parties.

Opening Hours
11:30 AM - 10:00 PM
Price Range


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