WHAT IT IS – I looked for a steakhouse along the dusky 46th street filled with snarling dogs hiding in the distance. After a few steps into the street, the glow from the restaurant façade gave radiance into the darkness. A big recessed entrance with neon signage captured my interest and I felt a growing curiosity, wondering what the food inside would taste like. This meat specialist seems quite ready to join the steak battle among the meat hunters in town. They apparently serve imported meat without hefty price tags. Whether for a premium meat dinner or a civilised drink, Steak Out should be on your list.

ATMOSPHERE – The first impression of this place was lovely, staff smiled as we entered. Once inside, we were welcomed at the cocktail bar with a number of wine glasses hanging on the rack and a wide selection of wine. Then, we were seated straightaway at the corner booth with leather seats. Our dinner date was quite romantic. We could steal glances through the floor-to- ceiling tinted glass wall, rendered with timber ribs. Steak Out has a casual and laid-back atmosphere with comfortable brown leather seats and marble tables. The dining area is spacious and relaxed with a central walkway that terminates at the elegant wine shelf. The ambiance is warm and the amber lighting is sure to excite one’s taste buds. I could see they put a lot of effort into the theme, obvious in things such as the chic restrooms and pendant lights above each table.

RECOMMENDATIONS – No dinner here is complete without having a proper steak. So I picked the medium rare tenderloin (22,000 Ks). It was a pity that they didn’t serve any bread for appetizer. Despite an underwhelming start, the arrival of house-cut tenderloin washed away all of my dissatisfaction. The meat was perfectly cooked, red in the middle as I ordered. It’s a pleasant feeling in your mouth to enjoy chewy, juicy and tender bites. The texture, flavor and all the elements inside form a wonderful melodic harmony. It was a small portion, but perfectly accompanied by a serving of roasted cauliflower and generous ammount of wedges. It thoroughly met and surpassed my expectations as I had the best steak in Yangon so far.

I’ve recently grown fond of smoothies, so I requested their tropical fruit mixed smoothie. The mixture was flawless, delivering a harmonious mix of mango, banana, pineapple and moreish yogurt.

My friend chose to start with a new dish from the menu – Duck Confit (10,500 Ks). It’s an interesting flavor combination – introducing the local duck leg with buttered asparagus and duck jus. The presentation is classic and the huge bowl made this a delight to eat. The duck was complemented neatly by the dense buttered sauce – here the meat was firm and lightly charred. Addictive! This is a sublime new dish the restaurant can be proud of for its diners.

Wondering what to shoot for the cocktail – mojito would be a safe choice. It was combined with white rum and a fresh hit of mint – an ultra refreshing glass to end with a joyous buzz.

FINAL THOUGHTS – The service was slick and impeccable, the staff were attentive but not at all intrusive. Because the meat comes from Australia and New Zealand, there is no doubt about the quality. Definitely worth every penny you pay for. This is your perfect place to wile away several hours, with good food and wine. So the next time when you are craving for a proper steak meal, look no further than Steak Out.

Steak OutC-02, 46 th Street, UFC Building

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  1. Myanmore you have inaccurately stated the cost of the steak. In actuality it is 22,000 kyats not the stated 2,200 kyats. Accurate reporting, especially on prices would be much greatly appreciate in the future. I took my team down to enjoy what we thought would have been a very affordable meal, but instead were sticker shocked by the price. Needless to say everyone was very disappointed.


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