By Cecilia Dickens

On a recent shopping-trip downtown with my eight-year-old son, Lotteria literally saved my life. The heat was intense, the traffic was crazy and my youngest son was tugging at my shoulder bag demanding food, food, glorious food …and fast.

Luckily, we were on a beeline for the South Korean fast food outlet Lotteria. When we arrived at the spacious, clean and air conditioned outlet our moods quickly changed from stress to relief. Looking up at the colourful food illustrations on the display board my son’s eyes lit up. Beef burgers, chicken burgers and prawn burgers stacked high and stuffed with lettuce, tomato and gherkin vied for attention with fiery chicken wings and fillets in crispy bread crumbs. The soft drinks include ice cold colas and strawberry smoothies as well as ice cream and coffee.

Lotteria pride themselves on food hygiene, and while it’s fair to say that burgers are not exactly health food their meats are lean and their ingredients are all certified to meet international food safety standards. Something that can’t be said for many other restaurants downtown. So, the safe option was to enjoy it.

With franchises across Southeast Asia, Lotteria opened their first Myanmar outlet at Junction Square in 2014 before opening on Mahabadoola Road in 2015. At present, they have plans to open two dozen outlets across Myanmar in the coming years.

Despite a long cue the service was quick and the staff had no problem understanding English: My son asked for a double-deka cheese burger with melting cheese, lettuce and gherkins, piping hot French fries and ice cool cola (Bugolgi Set) while I opted for the Shrimp Burger Set.

Before returning to the chaos and heat of downtown Yangon my son enjoyed a dessert of Strawberry Sunday Ice Cream while I relaxed with a rich and hot Americano.

Lotteria hits the spot for anyone seeking a fast food fix in a cool and comfortable environment. The service is friendly and the food is tasty and satisfying. Certainly, my son will be dragging me back there again soon.

No 79/81, Room ( 001/002 ), Between, 39th Street 40th St, Yangon 11182
Phone:09 258 521 385
Hours: Open today · 9AM–10:30PM

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