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How are we doing with all that rain and workouts? Y’all keeping fit this monsoon or is the rain making you hit that snooze button for “just one more time”? ☺ Well, it’s fine. Not everyone is a morning workout person like moi. Some prefer a mid-day workout and some prefer an after-work workout ☺ Whatever rocks your world! (But you know what? I do a morning workout because a) I just wanna get it out of the way and b) every meal after that is a post workout meal!)

Alrighty then, continuing with our core movements to strengthen that area and hopefully see some packs developing, this week we will do the Balance Ball Crunch! (Or some will know it as the Swiss Ball)

Balance Ball Crunch  

If you want to strengthen, flatten and tone your abs, using the Balance Ball will help you perform the abdominal crunch more precisely. Here’s how to perform the Balance Ball Crunch :

  1. Sit on a Balance Ball with your feet shoulder-width apart and placed flat on the floor. Walk your feet forwards as you lie back on the ball.
  2. The starting position would be when the ball is under your hips, lower back and middle back with your knees bent at 90 degrees (Your lower back should feel like it’s curved over the ball) Swiss Ball Crunch 1
  3. Raise chest up in a crunching motion
  4. Do not pull on your neck. Remember – this is an exercise for your abs, not your neck!Swiss Ball Crunch 2
  5. When your middle back has completely lifted from the ball, pause and slowly return to starting position. That’s 1 rep!

If you have never done the Balance Ball before, you might want to get on one and just do steps no. 1 & 2 to practise your balance. Once you are more comfortable and confident with the ball, you can work on the full range of motion to crush those abs! Start with however many reps you can do and work it to a minimum of 10 – 12 reps per set. For starters, do 3 sets ☺  

Workout Of The Day (WOD) Challenge

Abs & Burpees (Yay!!)   

10 x  Balance Ball Ab Crunches

10 x Burpees

Do 5 sets x 5 rounds (no rest in between sets, but 2 minutes rest in between rounds)

That should really torch some of those fats ☺ Have fun and let me know how your WOD went on my Instagram!

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Eileen Lui
Eileen is a certified Fitness Trainer and Crossfit Level-1 Trainer. She is a marketing communication chick by day, writer by night and when she isn’t coaching or mentoring her teams, she can be found pounding the pavement, training for her next triathlon or kicking around in the Lethwei (boxing) ring. She loves life and kind-hearted souls. Follow her on Instagram (@eileenlui) for more daily #fitspiration!


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