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Hope you’re still up for more core conditioning workouts right here on Myanmore! ☺

Many people have asked me for the formula to my 6-packs abs. There’s no formula to it! I trained for years on my core strength. But I realized what we fuel our body with is what makes half the difference. Cutting back on processed foods and bad carbs contributes to better-looking abs. I also avoid alcohol. The other half the difference that made my abs pop was really all that strength training – the overhead presses, the deadlifts, loading on all that weight. Well, simply because functional movements engage the core and heavier loads burn more fats. So that’s the secret to my abs. Coupled with HIIT workouts 3 times a week brings it home.

Alrighty then. This week, we would look at the Bosu Ab Crunches. They’re kind of similar to the Balance Ball Crunches and here’s how you perform the Bosu Ab Crunch :

Bosu Ball Crunch

  1. Lie down with the small of your back against the round side of the Bosu Ball. Your knees bent with your feet flat on the ground – shoulder-width apart. 
  2. Fold your arms across your chest.
  3. Perform the movement by flexing the lumbar spine, engaging your core and raising your torso. Do not flex the hips.
  4. At the top, hold for a couple of seconds then return to starting position.   

For those who are more advanced in their core strength, you could try this :

Bosu Ball Crunch 2

  1. Perform the Bosu Ball Crunch as above steps, however, hold a weight plate or a medicine ball to your chest. Bosu Ball Crunch
  2. At the top, go straight into a squat and stand position, in one swift motion – KEEPING A NEUTRAL SPINE Bosu Ball Crunch 1
  3. When you reached standing position – thrust your weight / medicine ball above as how you would performing an overhead press Bosu Ball Crunch 3

The Bosu Ball is one of my favourite toys when I workout. The element of instability means I have to engage my core harder to perform movements that may seem to be easy like the squats or push-ups or even the plank.

So, you ready to warm-up for your WOD Challenge?

Workout Of The Day (WOD) Challenge


10 x  Front Squats (weight of your choice)  

10 x Thrusters (weight of your choice)

10 x Burpees  

Do 3 sets x 3 rounds (no rest in between sets, but 1 minute rest in between rounds)

Let me know how your WOD went on my Instagram! Or if you have any questions at all – #fitgram me ☺ Till the next time around!

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Eileen Lui
Eileen is a certified Fitness Trainer and Crossfit Level-1 Trainer. She is a marketing communication chick by day, writer by night and when she isn’t coaching or mentoring her teams, she can be found pounding the pavement, training for her next triathlon or kicking around in the Lethwei (boxing) ring. She loves life and kind-hearted souls. Follow her on Instagram (@eileenlui) for more daily #fitspiration!


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