Bo Sein Hman St, near intersection with Nga Mauk Ln // 09 962 329980 // 11am-10pm


What It Is – Fork & Spoon stands out not only as one of the few Malaysian dining options in town (Penang to be exact), but primarily by the high quality of its dishes. Head chef Boo used to work at five star hotels and has trained a local team to serve excellent dishes at very affordable prices.

Atmosphere –   The interior is tastefully decorated, matching classic and modern DIY elements, resembling the style of many contemporary restaurants in Malaysia. There are some great ideas, like the shelves made out of crates and the original Yangon bus benches for dinner seating.

fork & spoon interior
Fork & Spoon bare wood and old school trinkets

Food & Drink – We were presented with a range of classic Malaysian dishes: Chicken Lobak, Ba Kut Teh, Char Kway Tiaw and Nasi Lemak.

The Chicken Lobak (spiced chicken rolls) were prepared with a great combination of spices. We could taste cinnamon and coriander, but there are some other special Malaysian spices that no other place in Yangon can offer. The rolls came with a sweet and sour sauce which was a great combination.

The Ba Kut Teh (Meat broth) had a sour-savory taste that went very well with the hearty pork ribs cooked in the soup. The ribs were smooth and tender, while the only small thing that was not in perfect harmony were the Yau Char Kwai (deep-fried breadsticks) which were a bit too hard.

The Char Kway Tiaw (fried rice noodles) tasted very fresh with a well-balanced combination of spices which went into the spicy direction. It was topped off with crunchy prawns.

The Nasi Lemak matched the quality of all the other dishes with a smooth tasting coconut rice. The chicken was slightly dry, but made up for it with a deliciously seasoned crust.

Fork & Spoon Rice and Chicken
Fork & Spoon Nasi Lemak

All the dishes were apparently prepared with very fresh and only natural ingredients. The main category that came to our mind to describe them was high level home-style comfort food.

For dessert we had Kway Mochi (rice flour cake with sesame and sugar). It was a good finish to our comfort food meal, quite sweet and tasty.

With our meal we had ginger tea, which was freshly prepared with real ginger. If you are not used to it the taste might be a bit too strong, but it is definitely a great fit with the food and helps you to digest.

Final Thoughts – Fork & Spoon is a charming place with great love for its food that is hard to find at any other restaurant in the city. The dishes could without a doubt be served in an up-scale place, yet they also make a lot of sense in the down to earth, cozy environment that the team has created.

Fork & Spoon entrance
Fork & Spoon entrance

The final positive point is that apart from the head-chef who is also a co-owner, Fork & Spoon only trains and employs local staff. Chef Boo has successfully passed on his knowledge about high class gastronomy and the kitchen and service staff are doing excellent work.


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