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To those of you who actually did the “Best Friend” #WOTD (share Myanmore article link here), I salute you. You. Are. Fit. Awesome!

Alright, without much ado, let’s get into the move for the week – The Bent Over Rows.

Bent Over Rows

The bent over row is another compound movement that strengthens the upper and middle back (while also working on the biceps, lats and shoulders) and helps ensure good posture and provides a lower-body and core workout.  

How To Perform A Bent Over Row   

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, maintain a neutral spine as you lower yourself to pick up the bar
  • Raise your hips and knees to stand (much like in a deadlift movement) but stop when the bar reaches slightly above your knees and your torso is about 45 degrees to the floor Bent Over Row 1
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together and row the weight upwards until it touches your belly button Bent Over Row 2
  • As you bring the bar up (row), make sure your torso and spine does not move up or down
  • Lower the bar back to start position and that’s 1 rep!

I usually use the pronated grip (palms facing downwards as it works the upper back better) and is more of a compound movement. There was once in my MetCon class, a student was arguing about the grip and wanted to use the Underhand Grip (palms facing upwards) – all good but this grip works on the lats and biceps more and generally, in my world (so it’s a personal opinion) – this serves sculptors / aesthetics purposes more than overall strength. For those who are really strong, they can try the Snatch Grip (double-shoulder width grip) which would really require you to work your upper back to lift that weight. I’ve not advanced to this level !

So, what’s today’s challenge like?

Workout Of The Day (WOTD) Challenge

Work That Body (20 minutes)

10 Bent Over Row + 10 Push Ups +  10 Burpees = 1 set AMRAP

Aim to do as many sets as possible in the time frame of 20 minutes – with no rests in between. If you feel like it, you can exchange the Burpees for Thrusters (especially for those of you who prefer the thrusters to the burps.

Facebook and Twitter #WOTD to let me know how you’re doing with the new challenge!

p/s : Reminder : Warm-up!!    

If you’ve really been diligent with some of these exercises, you would be growing stronger by the week. I have to say, I am most impressed with the ladies of my MetCon class at one of the gyms in town. They started with me in December of 2015 and I still remember that first class – I was like, Oh. Em. Gee. How can I do this?? They were not really strong at all and their form was all wrong. But what the hell? They brought their booyah and determination to every class. In only a short 3 months – whoa! The improvement was amazing. Both in strength and anaerobic endurance. I think they’d put a lot of sculptors to shame actually! Here’s a special shout-out to them. Well done, ladies!!

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Eileen Lui
Eileen is a certified Fitness Trainer and Crossfit Level-1 Trainer. She is a marketing communication chick by day, writer by night and when she isn’t coaching or mentoring her teams, she can be found pounding the pavement, training for her next triathlon or kicking around in the Lethwei (boxing) ring. She loves life and kind-hearted souls. Follow her on Instagram (@eileenlui) for more daily #fitspiration!


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