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From kneading the dough to figuring out how to make ragu, cooking an authentic Italian meal can be a daunting – even unforgiving task for the untried chef. A bit too often, it’s a project that can end in exasperation and a desperate turn to Chinese takeout.

Thankfully, Pasta Fresca in Yangon addresses this issue. Launched by fashion designer Meme Ekpenyong about six months ago – well after she finished culinary school in Milan – Pasta Fresca in Yangon is a delivery service for your fresh Italian cooking needs, from raw pasta (fettuccine, ravioli, spaghetti, cannelloni, etc.) to homemade sauces, currently offering pesto and classic tomato sauce.

Simply place an order by calling, or messaging through the Facebook page, and the pasta can be delivered to the doorstep of your home or workplace. Get home from the office, pull your pasta out of the fridge/freezer, boil for 2 – 3 minutes, strain, add sauce, and your authentic Italian meal is done within five minutes.

pasta fresca founder Meme Ekpenyong
Meme Ekpenyong, Founder of Pasta Fresca

Meme’s vision is to bring colour and vibrance to a food that is normally a plain yellow, but she maintains “I try to keep pasta’s simplicity and elegance”. She brings this idea to life by infusing only natural ingredients like beets, spinach or tomatoes in many of her pastas to add colour. Orders can be made gluten-free on request, and Pasta Fresca also does catering for events with pasta and Italian desserts like profiteroles and tiramisu. Everything is handmade personally by Meme in her home kitchen, and she tastes every order beforehand to ensure quality. Pasta Fresca does not have a brick & mortar restaurant but all orders are prepared and delivered from a home kitchen on Kan Yeik Thar Street. 

Place your order by

Phone: 09971993672 // 09975203687


Email: [email protected]



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Tiffany Fan
Tiffany is an intern for MYANMORE who is interested in the intersections of expat and local culture in Yangon


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