The moderately-priced Vietnamese restaurant, Golden Pho, has expanded from its Yaw Min Gyi shop, opening a second branch on the Northeast side of Kandawgyi Park this past Monday. The new location is a trendy two storey building, with the kitchen on the ground floor, seating on the second floor. The second floor is a nice sanctuary with a bar for drink orders and a window with Shwedagon view.

Unfortunately, the separate tiers for cooks and customers has resulted in poor communication and shaky service, at least for now. Golden Pho II is still in ‘soft-opening’ stages, meaning that the staff is learning on the job. A 20% discount for all orders is in effect until the end of July, which will mark the official opening and a better service.

With such an awkward restaurant layout, it’s wise to give the staff time to figure things out before coming over for a meal. The owner is entertaining the idea of walkie talkies so servers don’t have to go downstairs for every question for the kitchen. Wait until the last week of July before trying this Golden Pho, they’ll have it figured out by then.


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