Gongs & Skins returns to Yangon to celebrate the history of percussion, from cowhide and brass to the bass beats and electronic drops which are popular today. Percussionists from Europe, Malaysia, and Myanmar (Bamar, Rakhine and Karen) will be showcasing their work while collaborating with their international colleagues on the final two days of the festival.

The festival has 4 events all on separate dates: an introduction, an ode to electronic music then two showings of the main performances which feature the international crew of percussionists, one in Yangon the other in Hpa An.

The New & Electronic Sounds

Come to the Goethe-Villa if you’re interested in the modern showcase of electronic and experimental percussion, this Saturday 30th of July at 7pm. The Goethe-Institut is happy to introduce the professional percussionists from the Music Academy of Freiburg in Breisgau, students and colleagues of Prof. Bernhard Wulff. They will perform own compositions and pieces by famous percussion masters from around the world.

They present different examples of connecting electronic with percussion instruments with manipulated nature sounds (Music concréte), with pure electronic sounds and as dialogue with a new computer program (live electronic).

The Festival Schedule

Gong & Skins II is a traveling festival with several times and venues:

27th  of July at 7 pm at YMCA

30st of July at 7 pm at the Goethe-Villa

4th of August at 7pm at the National Theatre in Yangon (Main performance)

6th of August at 7pm at Zwekabin Hall in Hpa An (Main performance)




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