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Now that they have had some time to establish itself since its soft-opening, MYANMORE recommends One Cool Cafe next time you’re looking for coffe and wifi. 

Expats will snicker at the Asian city planning model where entire streets are filled with stores offering the same service, or selling the same item. Yes, Yangon is not the only town with strips of downtown dedicated to the Air Con industry. Tokyo, for example, has a district lined with Okonomiyaki restaurants, one after another, after another. While this approach may make for odd scenery, it does serve a business purpose: people in need of something, know exactly where to go. Well, Bo Yar Nyunt is shaping into the place for those seeking a cafe with decent wifi.

One Cool Cafe is no longer the newest cafe on Bo Yar Nyunt (a title currently held by Meringue Cafe), but with their soft-opening period over, this spot should be the new haunt for officeless laptop nomads looking for quality coffee, cake and wifi.

More than 15 customers would leave this intimate cafe feeling packed, thankfully, One Cool Cafe rarely has more than 8, mainly teenagers and families enjoying the after school hours before nightfall.

If you’re looking for chic and posh, you will be disappointed with this purposefully family-oriented space. The exuberant owner, who originally wanted to call the place: ‘Single Mom Cafe’, has instilled a sense of warmth and quirk in her business, which means a great deal to her.

The place can get a bit rowdy once school is dismissed, not so much from the preteen students as much as their toddler siblings who are given room to express themselves compared to nearby cafes. You should be able to find focus and quiet on any given morning or early afternoon.

The owner will be the first to invite customers to stay as long as they’d like, unless you’re starving, the menu has few food items at the moment. Cappuccino and red velvet cake constitutes a meal at One Cool Cafe, (6000 Ks total) both made with care and recommended for patrons who feel peckish over famished.

26b Ground floor, Bo Yar Nyunt Road, Dagon Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Bo Yar Nyunt Road Yangon Yangon Region MM
09 783 73233009 783 732330

The Coolest Cafe in town is now open at the junction of York Street (Nawaday Street) & Bo Yar Nyunt Street.

Opening Hours
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Price Range


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