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WHAT IT IS – Being the first franchise bar in Yangon, Harry’s is quite the photogenic bar with a growing presence on social media. Since their opening in April, Harry’s has attracted a stream of diverse customers and has already gained some regulars. Their menu is a mix of different cuisines and circulating beverages, a sports bar meets Southeast Asian food. Being on the ground floor of Myanmar Plaza, you have a choice to enjoy your meal inside surrounded by the quirky interior, or the cool, crispy air to keep you company outdoors.

ATMOSPHERE – The place is flooded with sunlight during the day, street lights at night, bringing out the colors of the pastel shades. The walls are accessorized in detail with sports equipment and witty quotes can be found everywhere. It fits 200 diners overall; all of whom can enjoy the ambience of live music every Saturday.

HBD1 - 63_Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Tikka Masala

FOOD & DRINK – The highest recommendation would be Harry’s Premium Lager (HPL), which is their home brewed lager that is served in all of their Asian branches. There are also cocktails available in the form of wordplays, of which Harry’s 1992 (a vodka based concoction with notes of blue curacao, lychee liqueur, grapefruit juice, lime juice, and a splash of grenadine syrup) comes out on top.

As for the food, Harry’s Seven as a sharing platter, includes all of their best small plates- Harry’s Signature Wings, Chicken Tandoori Skewers, Fish Cracklings, Chicken Satay, Chiptease, Spicy Chicken Sausage and Beer Battered Prawns. Out of the Flatbread options, Big & Beefy is an absolute treat; it’s a mixture of succulent grilled steak slices and pepperoni served on crisp flatbread with tomato spread.

The Chicken Tikka Masala is a must try at Harry’s for its brilliant taste of flavored chicken tikka masala paired with toasted charcoal bread to soak up in the spicy, rich gravy. It’s not the most authentic Tikka Masala, but a pub version of the dish. If after all that, there is yet more room for dessert, you’ll be good to go with the Black Forest Sundae with its promising vanilla ice cream and freshly baked brownie chunks with a dark cherry twist.

FINAL THOUGHTS – If you don’t come to Harry’s for the friendly vibe, then come for their HPL (Harry’s Premier Lager); it’s only available at Harry’s in all of Myanmar. Sports fans should consider coming too, if you come early enough.

HBD1 - 25_Jalapeno Steak Sliders
Jalapeno Steak Sliders. Didn’t have these this time, but they’re great!


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