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Mohinga is beloved enough to have many names and designations, similar to Daenerys Targaryen from the hit HBO TV show Game Of Thrones,  Mohinga has been referred to as the national dish of Myanmar, the pride and joy of the Irrawaddy, the best traditional noodle soup, morning glory of Burmese breakfast, marvel of Burmese brunch, timeless late night supper, and possibly the signature all-day breakfast dish for adventurous tourists of Myanmar. To eat and adore the combination of rice noodle, fish soup, seasoned egg, chopped fish cake, and Bu Thee (Calabash) tempura is the ultimate virtue of living in Myanmar. Mohingavendors are scattered everywhere in the city of Yangon. The places listed here arguably offer (good Mohinga can be quite subjective) the best or the most virtuous class take on the national dish. The price of Mohinga may range from 400 kyats to at most 1800 kyats per bowl depending on the shop and what kind of toppings you choose.

Air-con, Dining Chairs & Shelter

Myaung Mya Daw Cho

118D, Old Yaydarshay Street, Bahan // 16, 11th Street (lower block), Lanmataw // 149, 51st Street (upper block), Pazuntaung // 120, Tamwe Street, Tamwe // 206, Parami Road, South Okkalapa // Pa-9, Padonmar Street, Sanchaung.

Originated from the rice bowl and fishing district of Myanmar, Irrawaddy division, Myaung Mya Daw Cho has been serving the consistent taste of the their  fish soup and tender rice noodle. Currently, there are countless Myaung Mya Daw Cho branches scattered around the country, but the original one is here in Yangon, Anawrahta Road.  It usually opens from 6am to 9am in the morning. Since it is a very well-known place, it is most likely to be crowded even in the morning. The best place to go after a jog in the morning with a famished stomach.

Daw Yin Shwe’s Mohinga (LATE NIGHT)

91,U Yay Khae St.,Ward (2), Mayangone Township

This place is mostly known as U Yay Kel Mohinga (the street it is on) rather than its actual name. What is special about this place is that it only opens from 5 pm to at most 3 am in the morning. Being a perfect haven to dwell and eat mohinga after the late night hangouts, this place will fulfill up your hankering for a warm bowl of fish soup. This place also has a good reputation among the locals and always filled with customers even at night. The service can be quite slow if you decide to just sit at your table and wait for the order to come up

Daw Nyo

Seik Kan Thar Street, Upper Middle Block, Pansodan Township

This is one of the most well-known places for Monhinga in Yangon yet I view this place to be underrated. The taste of the broth at Daw Nyo is wonderfully unique from the others. A slight twinge of sweetness can be tasted with every spoonful of soup. Legend has it that the original recipe uses handful of palm jaggery as an essential ingredient. The small layout of Daw Nyo makes the shop look more busy and crowded than it really is, I always manage to get a seat whenever I go.


36th street, Upper middle block, In front of Technoland Computer Sales centre


Some people have a tough time eating Mohinga outside, sitting on small stools while others devour the soup to their heart’s content. If this is you, come to this small indoor brunch joint offers a quiet atmosphere, which sometimes play 60s rock ballads. Nice, clean, and hygienic sets of seating can be found as well as the friendly cheerful waiters humming along to the songs. The shop does not have the best Mohinga but the fact that the shop has an air conditioned and peaceful space is ideal for picky eaters who don’t like spicy food.

Sein Paw Ma Tin

The third floor of Junction squre, right beside Shwe Pa Lin Tea Shop

This is the best place to rest for a bowl of Mohinga after a stroll Sunday grocery shopping at Junction Square, and this can even be an excellent place for a Mohinga and a movie date night. The taste of the soup is not the ideal for a Mohinga nut like me and the price is higher than normal, (1800 Ks) but the soup is still quality. Being in a busy food court, you could deem these to be ‘fancy’ bowls of delicious Mohinga.

True Local: Outdoor with Small Plastic Stools

Mohinga from Wa Toat's stall.
Mohinga from Wa Toat’s stall.

Ya Thar Mon Mohinga

U Tun Lin Chan St, In front of Victor Clothing shop, Hledan

Those who are not picky when it comes to places, this is a place to go. This is a street Mohinga shop, which attracts adventurous souls with an appetite for street Mohinga. The fish soup comes from a steamy pot of soup just beside the stand. This place usually opens in the evening.

Phoe Kwar Mohinga

Kyaung Gyi Street, Kyi Myin Taing.

This is a cart shop which has quite a reputation among the locals of Kyi Myin Taing. This place, according to a local, serves the ultimate street Mohinga you can find in Yangon.

Myint Mohinga

Mahar Bodhi Street and Banyadala Road, Right behind Daisy Kyaw Lin Clothing shop
This is a teashop, specialized in Mohinga, serving their delicious dishes to the locals and people who exercise around Kandaw Gyi Lake early  in the morning.

Pay A Little More

Rangoon Tea House

77-79 Pansodan Street

Probably doesn’t belong on this list considering it’s a modern international brick and mortar restaurant, but the Mohinga at RTH is quite delicious and at an affordable price.


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