Mingalabar again!   

This week, more functional movements but this time, for the upper body!

The Shoulder Press (a.k.a. The Overhead Press)

Picking up a weight and pushing it overhead is so basic a movement that we sometimes take it for granted. On a recent trip flying back to Yangon, I was pretty much annoyed that the bulky steward didn’t offer me any help when I tried to lift my hand-carry up to the overhead compartment. I don’t think I had a problem with the weight of my bag but the bloody compartment was full and it was not easy balancing on toes and trying to find space up there! I’m quite determined to up my strength game for my overhead presses so that if I meet that steward again, I can slot in my luggage AND elbow him at the same time 😛 (just kidding! Did you know that apparently airline stewards/stewardesses are not required to help with your heavy luggages?)

How To Perform A Shoulder Press  

  • Grab your barbell (and weights, and again if you’re new, start light)  using the pronated grip (palms facing forward).
  • Make sure to grip the bar wider than shoulder width apart from each other
  • Feet shoulder-width apart and stand with your knees slightly bent. Position the barbell on your collar bone. 
    Shoulder Press 1
    Starting position
  • Keep a neutral spine = neck, upper back, lower back in one straight line, lift the bar up over your head and lock your arms.
  • Make sure the barbell is traveling in a straight line above. In order to do so, you would need to move your head back a little bit to avoid hitting your chin as you push the barbell up! 
    Shoulder Press 2
    End of One Rep
  • Lower the barbell down the same path (straight line, move your head back a little) till it rests on your collarbone again. That’s 1 rep

For those with kids – picking up your child off the floor (deadlifts) and lifting them up in the air (overhead press) had never been this easy – once you’ve built your strength ☺

Workout Of The Day (WOTD) Challenge

The Big Fives

Deadlifts + Shoulder Press + Air Squats + Push-Ups + Burpees – 5 reps each x 5 rounds = 1 set x 3 sets FOR Time)  

Pick a weight that you’re comfortable with (again, start light if you’re new and move up along once you’ve improved your strength).

Do 5 reps of each exercise and repeat non-stop for 5 rounds. That’s 1 set. Do 3 sets. Again, time yourself for each set and aim to achieve a shorter time with each progress without losing your form.  

p/s : Do I have to say it again? Warm-up!!  

Facebook and Twitter #WOTD to let me know how you’re doing with the new challenge!

Till the next time around – just remember this – “The only time you throw in your towel should be after you’re down wiping down your sweat” ☺   

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Eileen Lui
Eileen is a certified Fitness Trainer and Crossfit Level-1 Trainer. She is a marketing communication chick by day, writer by night and when she isn’t coaching or mentoring her teams, she can be found pounding the pavement, training for her next triathlon or kicking around in the Lethwei (boxing) ring. She loves life and kind-hearted souls. Follow her on Instagram (@eileenlui) for more daily #fitspiration!


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