The Phayre’s Gastronomy is well known amongst expats as having several table tops and fast internet. Anyone who works from home has probably spent a few days here. Bringing attention to good internet in Yangon can be counterproductive for who don’t have wifi hookup at their place, but with more cafes opening up, The Phayre’s will have to rely on its menu more and more.

The coffee at Phayre’s is a standard ‘Americano’ in Yangon, a perfect start if you plan on churning out emails by the dozens. The 5 or so customers who come before 1pm are usually huddled over a laptop. Colleagues who want to work somewhere other than their office tend to go upstairs. Social enterprises hold staff meetings or a Japanese language class can be found on the second floor, where the music is a bit softer.

The music at Phayre’s is a major part of the experience. You won’t hear anything if you’re sitting on the second floor with headphones on, but if not, let it be known that the playlist is unabashedly kept on a western pop music station. The music choice is indicative of the fact that Phayre’s is not meant to be a cafe, it is simply used as one.

The changing cocktail list, which is available all day, is the most distinctive part of the menu and a testament that The Phayre’s sees itself more as a pub than a coffee house. The alcohol list is split between classic cocktails and special in-house creations that change every week.

You may see some tourists with a Bloody Mary in early afternoons, but boozing does not start in earnest until sundown, which is when the place begins to come alive. The beer tap is dusted off, dinner parties start to form and football matches are played when in season. Live acoustic music is often booked as well, a duo with a female vocalist will start around 7pm singing Adele and Nora Jones.

The food menu is a long list of European dishes with some asian influence, but not too many, the cuisine being closer to an American/English bistro or sports bar. A liberal mix of cheese and starch are a common thread in The Phayre’s kitchen. The Chicken or Beef Paninis (both 4500 Ks) are recommended choices for a lunch. Vegetarians Pescatarians have told MYANMORE about the Phayre’s Fish Burger which is apparently a breath of fresh-air, or rather a bite of fresh fish.

The Cheesy Vegetable Pot (6000 Ks) was a chef special during the middle of May, a dish which tastes as it sounds, and possibly comforting for those from western countries. A melted sauce of cheddar and mozzarella over an assortment of lettuce, bell peppers, broccoli and other green vegetables was a relatively light dish that would be perfect for kids if it ever becomes a regular item on the menu.

The menu at The Phayre’s is the same all day around. The atmosphere not so much. A study session should come as early as possible, while a group of friends will feel more at home during the evening.


  1. Why would vegetarians be excited about a fish burger? What kind of vegetable is a fish…?!
    Fish sauce and shrimp sauce would also be unacceptable.

    If businesses want to attract certain customers, be they requiring meals suitable for religious, health or other reasons, it pays to have the correct knowledge otherwise the reviews will badly reflect being served inappropriate food.

    • Thank you for pointing this out. Fish is indeed not a vegetable, an edit has been made. There are plenty of vegetarian options at The Phayre’s though. The House Salad is a large and simple mix of carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and romaine for 3000 Ks.

      Email if you know of other restaurants with good vegetarian options. Especially places that don’t use fish or prawn sauce!


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