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Ngapali Beach is a relaxing getaway on the coast of the Bay of Bengal in Rakhine state, supposedly named by an Italian traveler who was reminded of the city Naples and who eventually went on to open one of the first hotels in the area. About three kilometres long, Ngapali beach faces the Indian ocean. The beach is a bit out-of-the-way and quite isolated compared to other popular tourist attractions in Myanmar as it is situated about seven kilometres away from each of the two neighbouring towns of Thandwe and Ngapali.

Among visitors, Ngapali Beach is renowned for its serene atmosphere and seclusion. The remote location of the beach means that the environment remains for the most part untouched by heavy tourist traffic, and it is almost in pristine condition. The unspoiled sands shine white in the sun, and the waves are a clear blue, sleepily pulling in and out. Looking out onto the waters, you can often see small fishing boats rocking in the distance. It is these boats that are likely hauling in your meals as the seafood at Ngapali beach is famously fresh.

It is also not an uncommon sight to see locals – favouring the even sands over the bumpy dirt road – from the nearby fishing villages riding their horse and ox-drawn carts along the coast. But along both sides of the road, there are plenty of souvenir shops and restaurants aimed towards tourists and visitors.

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The beach still has a lot of empty space as only a few resorts occupy the three kilometre stretch, although many new businesses are opening up as Ngapali becomes a more popular destination. New hotels and restaurants threaten to overtake the surrounding fishing villages, displacing locals who were initially sustained by the tourism industry and its job opportunities.
Surrounding Ngapali Beach are a number of other attractions. In the closest town of Thandwe, there is a market as well as many pagodas to visit. To the south, there is a large statue of Buddha sitting on a hill that can be reached by boat or even by bicycle. Fishing villages and islands just offshore are also common destinations for many boat tours.

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