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What It Is – The field of hotel buffets in Yangon just got a bit more crowded. Sedona Hotel soft opened their international buffet, D’Cuisine, on the second floor of the new Inya Wing, in the fall of 2015. The restaurant is has been officially open for over a month and close to finding its identity amongst established hotels who have been in the all-you-can-eat game for years. Chef Luka Chua Lai Huat experience in fine dining and commitment to high-end ingredients should minimize any growing pains.

Though there is a different theme every month, June being ‘Curry’ and July set to be ‘Brazilian BBQ’, half of the buffet is more or less consistent in what they offer. In fact, what I called the ‘Sushi & Seafood’ and ‘Western Meats’ stations are always there and seem to be the most popular.

Sedona D'Cuisine

The price at D’Cuisine is competitive, costs $33 USD, $36 USD for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Atmosphere – Modern and subtly ritzy. The interior designers went out of his or her way to avoid direct overhead lighting or any exuberant displays of color or kitsch. Dark wood which I assume is teak fill out most of the ceiling, floor and walls. A textured black tile, some of which has water cascading down, occupies the rest.

The dim lighting gives the place more of a mature vibe compared to the family-oriented buffets at competing hotels. With that said, you will see several kids politely browsing the buffet counters on the night. I have been told that their energy turns up more once the live entertainment breaks out. For the week I went, traditional Indian dancers were scheduled to groove around the restaurant to music from a sitar.

sedona d-cuisine

Recommendations – I have learned my lesson in declaring ‘the best sushi in Yangon’, something I have done a few times now. I would be surprised, however, if the sashimi available at Sedona was not a nominee even with the more balanced critics. Generous portion of tuna, salmon, yellow tail and octopus were incredibly fresh and not frosted- a common issue for hotels that opt to ice the fish fillets rather than the whole fish. In the same seafood station, I was also impressed with the squid salad which was covered in pesto and cherry tomatoes.

sedona buffet_banner

The other standout of the night was the western butcher area. Massive cuts of roast beef, duck and pork were available with an assortment of gravy and caramelized fruit or potatoes. You could leave the counter with a plate reminiscent of American Thanksgiving or the medieval era, all dependent on the meat to vegetable ratio.

A few of the other western items were not as great as the rest, particularly the bread and cheese arrangements. The artisan crackers in Yangon a bit stale and the bree cheese a bit calcified. Then again, these items would probably be fresher during their Sunday Brunch.

The desserts were fairly typical for any buffet, little bread treat with flavored creams and toppings. I would hold out for the crepe station, which offers a stacked counter of different fruit and sauces for the cook to integrate into your dessert.

Final Thoughts- As with any buffet, you could and should leave with heavy-breath and a full stomach. For that reason, dinner may be the best to come since slipping into a food coma is acceptable during the night hours. They are also open for lunch too, and I hear that the brunch is quite good as well. (Also $33 USD).

Make sure to pace yourself, try the ‘Sushi & Seafood bar’ the ‘Western butcher’ and the theme area. I imagine the Brazilian options in July will fit right in.


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