Screenings will be at Naypyitaw, Junction Square and Junction Mawtin Cinema
14 June to 19 June

The biggest Human Rights film festival in ASEAN, organized by Human Dignity Film Institute, is coming to Myanmar to screen independent films that highlight the individuals and organizations during the country’s transition. Both the dramatic changes and the norms that existed previously.

The festival this year is held in honor of Aung San Suu Kyi, a figure considered instrumental in elevating human rights, the awards ceremony will fall on her birthday of 19 June. There are a number of different awards that commemorate the students who died in the 1988 uprising and other championships of human rights.

Schedule For Festival 

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You Can Also Get Inked

human rights tattoo

17 and 18 of June. 120 people in Myanmar will get one letter from the 6773-letter Universal Declaration of Human Rights on a body part of their choosing. You cannot choose the letter but can decide where the letter goes and in what font. The letter will be 1 centimeter by 1 centimeter. The other letters will be represented on the bodies of supporters in different countries.

What to expect courtesy from Human Rights Tattoo Facebook page

At arrival you will receive a registration card with your letter on it. You can’t choose your letter but the font and your position on your body is up to you. You can pick a font type from the Human Rights Tattoo fonts catalogue that will be available on the spot. After your tattoo is done we take a super up-close picture of your tattoo that will be published on our website together with your statement. Please think about your statement upfront. A good statement is personal and gives an insight in your life and your personal relation to human rights.

Some Film Titles to See At the Festival…

film festival movie the goods film valley flower film the scoop film



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