A polite crowd of professionals watch EuroCup at the Time Out Sports Bar, the posh uptown counterpart to 50th Street. The bar is similarly designed to the other Novotel restaurants, perhaps a bit dimmer, but the same modern minimalist aesthetic remains.

It can be hard to find a seat if you’re late, yet there is plenty of room to stand. Perhaps more chairs will come once the tournament reaches crucial stages. Half of the part is a dim lounge with a bar and stool seating. The other half is a living room/den environment designed with male sporting sympathies. The sectional couch, with it’s own TV, is the best place to seat especially if you’re with a large group.

The prices are a bit more than at downtown joints. Luckily, the beers are big and the food is high-end which makes it worth it. Glass of Carlsberg is 5000 Ks. Their happy hour is not in affect during the matches which are all at night.

The crowd is very international with most customers looking as if they just got off work. The England vs. Wales match brought about 60 people, 40% Europeans, 60% Asian. Not sure how the demographics shift between matches.

If you want a crisp picture and not too much noise, the up-scale Time Out sports bar is a great choice. They serve free popcorn and have live music in between the matches.



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