An Australian consultant firm, Strategic Transactions & Valuations, will be holding a workshop at the end of July that reviews how to start a business in Myanmar. Entrepreneurs and anyone interested in the country’s business world can buy a ticket for 20,000 Ks on 

Press Release below:

Building Great Businesses in Myanmar

Thanks to innovation from technology, the world of 2030 will look very different to the world of 2016.  Myanmar has an excellent opportunity to play a strong part in that future world.

Mark Ostryn, an authority in creating international growth businesses is passionate about assisting young entrepreneurs to ensure that Myanmar becomes an economic powerhouse.  He is presenting a highly interactive workshop in Yangon (23-24th July) and Mandalay (30-31st July) for up to thirty attendees.

The entrepreneur workshop will look at three main themes

  • How successful businesses are created from scratch.
  • How Myanmar can re-emerge as a strong global economic force.
  • How business growth can be sustainable and can be aligned with social responsibility.

The workshop will combine case studies and group exercises and will help workshop attendees make better business decisions, grow their businesses faster, negotiate internationally and contribute to the economic future of Myanmar.

Tickets costing 20,000 kyat for the two days can be purchased from and more detail regarding the events can be found at

For more information:

[email protected]

+61 411 742 400



Mark Ostryn is a business professional with many years’ experience as a business owner, entrepreneur, and business sales / acquisitions specialist.  He has helped many hundreds of businesses achieve the very best growth and sale outcomes across many different industry sectors ranging from technology and professional services to retail, healthcare and construction.

Mark has owned companies in financial software, road safety technology, marketing services and IT distribution. As a venture capitalist.  Mark was instrumental in the early stages in pioneering the early development plans of many technology companies. This included the development of Europe’s leading eCommerce online shopping service.

Mark has had extensive experience in company buy / sell transactions, including a multi-million-dollar food company acquisition,

Mark holds a Masters in Applied Finance from Macquarie University, and regularly runs entrepreneurs’ workshops on finance, entrepreneurship and raising finance.  He also authored the 100,000 download eBook, “Forecasting, Finance & Fast Tracking Business Growth.”


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