Gwan Ho Tong

What it is  Rice & Noodle is a newly opened restaurant which focuses on providing rice and noodle related dishes as the name indicated. Their signature dishes are of Thai origins considering that the owners are from Tachileik, a place near the Myanmar-Thai borders. However, Rice & Noodle really is an Asian Fusion restaurant. The simplicity of the name is to show the customers that rice and noodle dishes are the specialty.

rice and noodle table

Atmosphere – As simple as the name is, the decoration of the shop itself is also really simple or should I call it minimalistic. The wall has nothing except white paint. Surprisingly, the simple white paint gives out a friendly and homely atmosphere. One unique thing about the restaurant is that the placement of the counters gives out a Thai atmosphere. When you walk into the shop, you will see on your left that there are a juice counter and a grill. They are a typical juice counter and a grill that you can find everywhere in Bangkok. It seems unimportant but to me, it feels as if I am in Thailand again.

Recommendation – My friend and I had tom yam noodle, rice with roasted duck, 3 meats (a mix of red & crispy pork and roasted duck) and pork BBQ.

rice and noodle duck

Among the dishes, I love the tom yam noodle. It comes with 6 different types of noodles and customers can choose any type of noodles of their likings. Taste wise, it is one of the best tom yam noodles I have ever had. It is not overly spicy so you can appreciate the taste without needing water after every bite. 3 meats is also pretty pleasing to eat. Each meat comes with its own dressing. With 3 meats come, there are 3 dressings and you can taste the mixture with either pork or duck. Another good dish is the pork BBQ. The pork BBQs are similar to the one in Bangkok where they sell on the roadsides. As a lover of those, I do not need to go all the way to Bangkok to eat pork BBQ anymore. I can just head over to Rice & Noodle. The average price of the dish is 3500-4000 Ks so it is pretty decent considering the taste of the food.  Moreover, Rice & Noodle added a new dish called “Jumbo Noodle” for 19000 Ks. It is a gigantic dish capable of feeding 4 people. I did not try it since it is too much for me but from the look of at it is one hell of a dish.

Final Thought – Ending the meal with the grass jelly is a good idea. It helps cope with the spiciness and makes you feel refreshing. Overall, Rice & Noodle is a pretty good shop. You no longer need to go to Thailand to have authentic Thai food. All you need to do is head over to Rice & Noodle.



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